Gangbuster ImprovFriday Thread Explodes Independence Day!

This July 1-4 ImprovFriday New Music event thread, extended in light of the USA holiday celebration, was huge and even more robust in sound and color than ever with roman candles and celebratory ‘1812 Overture’ cannons enhancing the experimental music community’s musical mashes.

If you just happened on to this blog, ImprovFriday is an experimental New Music community, comprised of musical artists working in a wide range of style, instrumentation and process. Every Thursday afternoon through Saturday 10pm PST ImprovFriday hosts and ‘open call’ for new musical work. The pieces are posted on the ImprovFriday home page both in their original form and as reworked or often ‘mashed up’ by other participating composers.

Following each weekend’s event ImprovFriday radio host Paul Muller and myself do short mini-commentaries on each piece submitted as both a feedback to the immediate community and a promotion for the worldwide web public. Our synopses range from an immediate ‘color or picture’ of what we feel on first hearing to at times more detailed responses.

Corresponding links to each artist’s track are provided so you may have a listen to the music. The tracks are all in MP3 format and should easily play in your Internet browser’s audio plug-in.

Come visit us at ImprovFriday.Ning.Com.

Work Artist Commentary
Piece070210 Shane W. Cadman Paul – Lovely bell-like tones in sort of cantus firmus melody with a solid foundation underneath.
Jim – Pointillistic, points of light!
The News featuring Don Bplaektree, Peter Thörn, Anonymouse NinJammer and Karl Popper Paul – The News – A bit bleak with the stacatto machine-gun sounds and propeller-like drone. The spoken text comes from Romans 8:1 and is, in fact, the Christian Gospel. No news like good news…
Jim – Dig it, love the mix of voice and reminiscent of something Jeff Duke did on a release.
Drone Jam 2 featuring Don Bplaektree, Peter Thörn, Anonymouse NinJammer and Karl Popper Paul – We heard this same text last week – now accompanied by musical hums and sine waves in an interesting mix.
Apocalypse Garage #1 David Seidel Paul – I’ve actually heard these sounds in my gagage 🙂 Love that really deep pitch. For all their electric-motor persona these sounds are actually quite musical. The ending reminds me of a Beethoven symphony. This piece needs to be in a textbook…
Jim – Great noise Dave and welcome. You need to play Noisefest up in Sacramento, your track reminds me of things I heard when we did it last year. Love the emergence of the tubular like voice @4min.
STRUNGUP Michael Waller Paul – A harrowing sound. Unrelenting and uncompromising – the complete opposite of soft and smooth. Makes quite an impression…
Jim – Interesting goes from the almost pulling of rope to water rushing/falls to wind to the tether again, cool exploring Michael.
Ben.improv.Jun.30.2010 Benjamin Smith Paul – Full, lush – a new, more electronic sound from Ben. Exotic, disquieting and liquidy – like finding a sunken city.
Jim – Nice floating feel and exploring of the patches, you seem to be growing yourself re the samples in recent weeks Ben, no?
Ben.improv.Jun.30.2010b Benjamin Smith Paul – A more familiar sound, but with the same echoey feel. Dreamy and soft – like looking at clouds.
Pastiche of Scriabin’s Black Mass featuring Ken Palmer & Mark Cannon Paul – Love the way the pianos overlap. Scary feel, the electronic substrate is perfectly understated. A fine realization.
Jim – Great color between the piano and growing synth.
Just Because It’s July Paul Hertz Paul – Playful melody against a pedal drone. Love the bells at 2:00. Like bright flowers in an open field.
Dark Day James Ross Paul – Unsettling, foreboding feel to this. Ominous in the lower registers then gathers itself at about 2:30 into a sort of vortex. An apt title.
Jim – Wonderful James, you continue to burn like slow embers growing…
Mixolydian Pentachord No. 1 – 03 VII 10 Lee Noyes Paul – Simple notes on the guitar – a classic sound. Thanks to the Physics Dept at Otago Univ!
Jim – Love the tuning or ‘prepared’ in the guitar here. Almost microtonal at times.
31 degrés Celsius featuring Vincent Poirier & Jérôme Poirier Paul – Great interplay between guitar and cello. Sweet ending. Good to hear Vincent again. Hot stuff!
92 degrés Fahrenheit featuring Vincent Poirier & Jérôme Poirier Paul – More nice playing here. A somewhat contentious conversation now between cello and guitar, but like two brothers they make up at the end.
Suspended Sea Kavin Allenson Paul – Beautiful – warm and easy. Great use of the tuning. Fine playing as well. Very likable.
Kithara Kavin Allenson Paul – And now for something completely different… Builds tension with the grinding, clicking sound – like a cable pulled taught.
Jim – Neat! sounds very African and World like.
Across Time Jeff Duke Paul – A great concept. The chorus is a ghostlike presence hovering over the 21st century sounds, yet for all their separation in time they are complimentary.
Jim – Great new textures Jeff that Like the what sounds like vinyl record surface.
GB (MOD) 07/01/10-#1 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Jim – Robot winding down, balloon soaring as air escapes, purely artful electronic noise fest!
PSG 07/04/10-#1 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Jim – Lotta depth on this one, wider spectrum of frequency and feels ‘live’. Sawtooth waves?
El Loco #2 featuring Roger Sundström, Jim Goodin & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Slippery floor, titling as in the Dali painting with the melting clock…
SMS 07/04/10-#1 Jukka-Pekka Kerviven Jim – Love the interim gurgle voice in this one.
Atari 2600 Joystick Impro #3 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Paul – This piece had an amazing effect on me: I immediately thought of Dizzy Gillespie – a sort of 23d century bebop sound here. Reminds me of Monk’s “Well you Needn’t”. A whole new way of hearing – thanks!

Jim – Wow Jukka welcome back. so retro here, love the feel of sweeping.
Sounds of Summer Peter Thörn Paul – Wonderfully shrill – no piccolo could sound like that! The photo says it all.
Jim – Peter what can I say, makes me look forward to Sweden in the early Spring. This really got our cats attention as I mentioned earlier.
The Art of Snoring Roger “ErocNet” Sundström Paul – What evil menace lay darkly sleeping? Very good processing – sounds like distant thunder or a train passing through a tunnel. Has a natural, if extended, sort of rhythm to it. Artfully done.
RS100703 Roger “ErocNet” Sundström Paul – Light, airy – a series of metallic whispers. A fast moving sound-scape.
Symphony for the Happy One Jim – A walk through a Japanese garden.
Symphony for the Crazy One featuring Steve Layton, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Kavin Allenson, Jim Goodin & Roger Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Kind of like a David Lynch soundtrack with someone lurking in the shadows.
Symphony for the Frightened One featuring James Ross, Glenn Weyant & Roger Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Ross’s menacing anthematic guitar mashed with Weyant’s southwest landscape, excellent!
Symphony for the Carefully One featuring Lee Noyes, Norbert Oldani, Adam Kondor & Roger Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – One might say this mash is quite auto-biographical in that each of these composers/sound manipulators is detailed, focused, academic and capable of ‘taking their time’ waiting on the ‘moment’.
Symphony for the Metal One featuring Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Jim Goodin & Roger Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Wow love this one, speed metal guy, retro guy and reverse oud guy slipping through the cracks!
Symphony for the Acoustical One Roger Sundström Jim – Great color, feels like a combination of the Delta and the CD ReUse, a collection of pieces made from recycled materials.
Symphony for the Seeking One featuring Benjamin Smith, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Norbert Oldani, J.C. Combs/Liszt, Steve Layton & Roger Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Great mix on this one, floating tones and pulsing 8/or 16bit logic bubbling through. Great mash Roger.
Symphony for the Global One featuring Bruce Hamilton & Roger Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Right down the Amazon on this Bruce and Roger takes us!
The Feeling is Mutual featuring Kavin Allenson, Steve Moshier, Norbert Oldani, Roger Sundström, Peter Thörn & Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – The drive east towards, Kansas, the Delta hangs across the Globe from spring coming to the Scandinavian north country.
Tata Dada Bruce Hamilton Paul – A layering of rapid-fire speech – very effective. Evolves into a sort of static pitch. Very minimalistic – I like it!
Tata Vari1 Bruce Hamilton Paul – Now we add harmony, a solo and dynamics. Interesting exploration of a musical idea. Counterpoint next week?
Machine Spirits/Spirit Machines featuring Pseudu, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen & Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Winds across the tundra/a car wash/the arcade on a Sunday…
Kits featuring Kavin Allenson, jeff Duke, Don Bplaektree, Peter Thörn, Anonymous, Karl Popper & Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Winding the coli, a curio shop, adjusting the arial on the tele 30 years ago, a horse and buggy go by.
Inhead featuring Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Lee Noyes & Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher> Jim – Signal to noise, penta equals five.
The Mettle to Meddle with Metal (no medal) featuring Roger Sundström, Jim Goodin, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen & Bruce Hamilton(contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim –
Jammed, edit point, que back, a little bit more, 10 more frames
Simpathiquony Acoustic featuring Roger Sundström & Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Chipping away at the form, the fadeout, tuning through.
Berries Bruce Hamilton Paul – Nice collection of percussion – sharp, crisp sounds. A fine assortment of berries.
Stairway to Eleven feat. Dave Seidel (New Hampshire), Lee Noyes (New Zealand), Glenn Weyant (Arizona), Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (Finland), Norbert Oldani (New York), Paul Muller (California), Muddy Waters, Igor Stravinsky, Miles Davis & J.C. Combs (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Paul – Great to hear Miles say “We’re in Germany and everything is gonna be perfect…” The pieces of this mix are thoughtfully cut into building blocks and artfully assembled. Amazing to hear those great voices from the past juxtaposed with our pieces today…
Roman Candle featuring James Ross, Michael Waller, Tchaikovsky & J.C. Combs (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Density and shooting stars (and stripes…), July heat breaks to thunder coming, the sky has thankfully cracked.
Liszt Blow Drying his Hair in a a Time Vacuum featuring Franz Liszt & J.C. Combs (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Backstage the second act approaches, scurried dressing room, the curtain rises…
Passing Plane Glenn Weyant Paul – A lonely violin outside plays a solemn tune. You hear the jet roaring overhead and for some time after. Great comment by the traditional on our modern angst.
Youth Never Gone Pseudo (Gaeteano Fontanazza) Paul – Full guitar sound – interesting percussion effects. Some slick playing here. Love the top melody.
Year of the Rindpest Steve Moshier Paul – Amazing luminous sounds ranging over the entire spectrum. Nice booming bass every so often.
Slow Strings Steve Layton Paul – Beautiful, full sound from an entire violin section – this string patch is working on a whole ‘nother level. Reminds me of 1950s movie music – maybe ‘Sunset Blvd’.
The Heavy Air featuring Benjamin Smith, Bruce Hamilton, Roger Sundström and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Paul – More lush strings, but with new elements added. Ominous, atmospheric. Roger’s processed snoring really adds a sense of dread to this! Just before the hurricane? Well done.
Lost Highway featuring Benjamin Smith, James Ross, Vincent Poirier, Roger Sundström, Paul Muller, Kavin Allenson & Paul – Another quiet piece with a lot of parts that compliment each other – finding the right volume for each is critical here. Feels like driving on an empty road on a foggy night. A sort of agitated complexity builds starting at about 6:00, then quiets down again at 7:30 – well mixed!
Cornflakes It’s a Serial Norbert Oldani Paul – The Breakfast of Champions – or the 2nd Vienna School, anyway. Enjoyable, with a wide variety of instruments joining in.
Percussive Colors 1 Norbert Oldani Paul – Nice groove going in the beginning. Great colors – very vivid.
Percussive Colors 2 Norbert Oldani Paul – Different registers and new sounds. They get progressively louder – to good effect. Nice sampler.
Prelude and Fugue Adam Kondor Paul – A fine majestic sound. Nice ornimentation starting at about 3:00. Builds a certain tension. Powerful.
An Evening With Nora Adam Kondor Paul – Relaxing and convivial. Very pleasant company – a fine chamber piece.
Memories of a Viennese Waltz featuring Jeff Duke & Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Paul – The Vienna of Strauss as remembered by the 21st century.
Der schöne Müller featuring Paul Muller, Steve Moshier, Norbert Oldani & Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Paul – Big, booming and crashing – Norbert and Steve’s pieces stretched out. The title is no doubt in tribute to the high-scoring forward on the German World Cup team.
Duet Enfolded featuring Jim Goodin, Kavin Allenson, Michael Vincent Waller, Roger Sundström, Benjamin Smith, Peter Thörn & Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Not to comment on my own efforts here but the mash, Steve really weaves a spell here, maybe it’s the spark, maybe it’s the moment…
Heavy Air featuring Benjamin Smith, Bruce Hamilton, Roger Sundström & Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Lush almost Peter Manx score here but more visual textural, reflections as earlier on the David Lynch influence. He must have been hovering over IF during this thread.
Sieve featuring David Seidel, Jim Goodin, Bruce Hamilton, Adam Kondor, Steve Moshier, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Ken Palmer & Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – Old world new world, a sense of noise, a sense of elogance, all as if the curtain is about to rise.
Portents featuring Shane Cadman, Lee Noyes x 2, Vincent Poirier & Jérôme Poirier, Adam Kondor & Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) Jim – landscape, lost in space, voices in the dark speaking through lush orchestration segueing into introspective string play as the horses go by and the old men on the corner.

Join us at ImprovFriday for this weekend’s thread at Check out and subscribe to ImprovFriday Radio on iTunes and see you on the next ‘What’s New at ImprovFriday’ blog entry next week. Cheers, Jim & Paul


2 thoughts on “Gangbuster ImprovFriday Thread Explodes Independence Day!

  1. Don Bplaektree

    Hi guys,

    Apologies for the repeat of the narrative from last week which can be heard on this weeks “Drone Jam 2” submission. The first piece (“Purpose”) was something I did solo using that narrative. This weeks was just coincidentally submitted by Peter from a live NINJAM session in which many narratives were part of a 90 minute drone jam. I guess, like myself, he liked it, but was probably not aware that it had been used the previous week.

    Thanks for the reviews. This whole IF thing is something else.


    1. Jim Goodin Post author

      Don –

      Hey man thanks for checking out the blog. No problem re the double play on ‘Drone…’, it’s all good and good to hear both versions. Check out the new ImprovFriday Radio podcast page and series at and see ya at the ‘thread’.

      Jim & Paul


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