ImprovFriday Radio launches Podomatic channel!

ImprovFriday Radio launched a new podcast channel now that is the new home of the ImprovFriday Radio series with hosts’ Paul Muller and myself. Very excited about this. The radio series will now be hosted and RSS fed out of at the embed player that follows.

The July published episode and the first of a new idea we are trying out called ImprovFriday Radio Interview In-depth, I am hosting. With In-depth I interview one member of the IF community for the entirety of the 30+ minute cast along with featuring one to two pieces of that artist’s music. For this episode electronic composer/musician/improviser/former college professor Norbert Oldani joined me. We talked of Norbert’s broad range of musical experiences ranging from his earlier days in academia and traditional music making to his later time in analog electronic music to his coming in to the digital age, using early Apple computers as well as dedicated FM synthesis modules. It was really great to interview Norbert so please check out the episode here.

You can subscribe to our feed soon in iTunes but in the interim subscribe and follow us by going to the podcast homepage at or via the RSS link on the right.

Coming up this next week, Paul and my review commentary from this weekend’s thread. Stay tuned.


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