We Grow and Grow, Cicadas Abound, ImprovFriday

And once again welcome to the weekly ImprovFriday ‘thread’ in review, hosted by Paul Muller and myself [Jim Goodin]. If you just happened on to this blog and wonder what is ImprovFriday, it is an online community created by composer and experimental sound artist J.C. Combs, as a ‘spot’ on the Internet where like minded musical artists interested in creating and communicating about experimental and largely improvisational music gather together. A large part of the community is heavy on the creating end meaning active working musicians in the experimental genre.

Every week beginning at 4pm PST on Thursday, the ribbon is cut on the open call forum thread at ImprovFriday and those interested in participating generally around 30 artists freely under the Creative Commons license agreement upload a piece of spontaneous music for anyone to hear as well as for those particpating in the event, to download and combine with ideas of their own as well as ideas of others beyond the piece’s original creater. These combining of musical ideas are called ‘mashes’ and are very popular on the two-and-a-half-day event which closes officially at 10pm PST on Saturday.

ImprovFriday located on the web at http://improvfriday.ning.com, produces a monthy radio podcast series, subscribable through iTunes as well as via Podomatic.com, and featured in the August podcast hosted by Paul [Muller], are mashes. It’s an exciting concept and Paul did a marvelous job in selecting several recent mashes to be featured in this month’s cast so please tune in. The ImprovFriday Radio podcast resides at http://improvfridayradio.podomatic.com and is also in iTunes at ImprovFriday Radio.

So here we go. The following reviews are for the thread event of August 5-7, 2010. I’ve hyperlinked each piece so you may have a chance to check out the work for yourself. Please consider posting a comment to this blog, a link is provided at the blog’s end and as mentioned please consider checking out and subscribing to the ImprovFriday Radio podcast series.

David John Baer McNicholas 1st time participant
Purdy Wavy Water Dance – Industrial like ambient feel with organic hits creating nice sense of presence. Feels like a cross between erriness of a swamp and metallic, factory like goth energy. Point is nice first piece for IF David and welcome. – Jim. Industrial sounds combined with electronics – a bit like Lee Noyes. The solid beat gives a sort of disco feel but this owes as much to the factory floor as the swimming pool. Nice piece – welcome to IF David. – Paul.

Chris Vaisvil 1st time participant
Blowing Leaves – Reminds me of the Windham Hill collective sometimes duo sometimes band, Nightnoise but with a bit more of a cutting edge. Nice thick acoustic instrument voices weave throughout and you too Chris, good first piece for IF and welcome. – Jim. Nice guitar playing here – interesting endings to the conventional phrasing. Would like to hear the last few bars of this as the starting point for a new piece! Welcome to IF Chris. – Paul.

Shane W. Cadman
Piece080610 – Lot’s of great stuff going on in here Shane and clearly many emotions given everything you’ve had come your way last couple of weeks. I hope for better times but as someone once said about ‘songwriters’, you couldn’t really be a good one unless you went through some heartache and hard times at times in the path and I think that’s true for all of us. Music is clearly a gift we all were bequeathed with for our salvation I think at times. This also has maybe it’s the slide work, makes me think of Ry [Cooder]. Glad to hear you on acoustic guitar of late. – Jim. Beautiful chant-like opening, could be a Kyrie. Lonely guitar plays against the solemn background – a fine sense of suspension hovers just underneath. More chant at 3:00 – blends nicely with the guitar and background. The various elements here are perfectly mixed – the last 30 seconds are just above a whisper. Well done under trying circumstances – the gift of a gesture of sadness. Congratulations on one continuous year posting of your pieces on IF. – Paul.

Bruce Hamilton and Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Dam – Stellar and stirring ambience between you guys in this piece. Love the slow thickness in Roger’s guitar(?) parts/manipulations and sense of ‘things that go bump in the night’ electronics about from you Bruce. There’s also a sense of a haunting voice rising every now and in. Excellent colours fellas. – Jim.

Johnny and Faith
Johnny Use Deodorant Even Jared Says You Stink – Misty vibe tones like slipping along the floor and seques into cool ‘helicopter’ tones like suddenly flying over the rice paddies of southeast Asia, moving to almost a e-tribal beat with Steve Moshier ghostlike tones on end. Now where does the deodorant come from? – Jim. Interesting collection of sounds that build nicely at 1:20. A bit of JC Combs influence here? At 2:00 a sort of other-worldly laughing. Looks like J&F are off to conquer the world of TV commercial music – it will never be the same and this is a good thing. – Paul.

Adam Kondor
Monkey-Warriors – Killer edits among the samples Adam. Like the playful almost kookoo clock on the beginning/end. Like Ian Anderson like fluttering around and signs of Tull and the Doors in here but may be hearing things. [editor note – Adam is among those featured in this month’s ImprovFriday Radio podcast – see details end of the blog]. – Jim. Refreshing blend of familiar sounds, the spoken text ‘Budapest’ and radio music. Interesting finish. Very upbeat with a sort of pop optimism.. – Paul.

Scales – Nice fundatmental that grows like a seed to a tree with pristine ending. Made me think of Norbert here. – Jim. Just what the title says! Layers and layers of them, forming a sunny cascade of sound. Cheery and bright. – Paul.

An Alien’s View – Love the spoken word/ambient dialog/’the news story’ throughout and balanced by the cathedral choir voices is a killer mash Adam. – Jim. Spoken text by Republican politicians combined with a baroque aria – the petty and small juxtaposed with the sublime. Makes for an effective editorial… – Paul.

Hanuman’s View – Featuring Peter Thörn, Steve Layton, Norbert Oldani, Jim Goodin and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Makes me think of southeast Asia rice paddies again ala David and then atmospheric moments in some distant port or even end of the day market in India. Nice to be included in this one (thx Adam). – Jim. An almost orchestral sound of string basses hovers underneath –
a drone sounds above. The fast pace and sound of horse hooves and bells
– reminds me just a bit of Wagner. Nice finish by the basses. – Paul.

UsIt (Jeff Duke and Gaetano Fontanazza)
Come Close to Me – Brilliant continued work from Jeff and Gaetano’s NinJam collaboration which honestly reminds me so much of my initial NinJam work of many months with bandmate Daryl Shawn in development of our Chinapainting project. You guys are going the same way if I may be so bold. This piece is neat to me as it’s almost more acousticee in some sense and not as densely electronic as some of your other work. Also great riff @3 min in that just propels things along – good feeling, keep it up guys. – Jim. Beautiful guitar sounds here – floating on sunshine,
bright needles riding a gentle breeze. Could go on for much longer! – Paul.

J.C. Combs
Attitude No. 1 – Atmospheric ‘story’ like sound weaving as J.C. continues to develop so well. Nicely edited and ‘tight’. On first hearing it was more like a war or street engagement, scuffle, later found out it was sounds from football scimage. Foundation throughout has pitched down piano tones that give it a certain haunt. – Jim. Deep, dark tones, a distant yet menacing alarm, strident voices and running in the street – the sounds of danger. The elements are well-mixed here. Evokes a powerfully sinister mood and finishes with what is becoming a signature JC Combs ending. – Paul.

Ken Palmer
Simultaneity – Nightscape as the ‘crickets/cicadas’ sing throughout, reminds me of my native south. In the backdrop a recital is going on, perhaps we ‘the listener’ is outside of the hall on a hot night, the windows are open, perhaps we couldn’t afford to pay to get in and we are enjoying the beautiful music. In a sense doubly blessed by the music of the creatures as well as the human creatures. Nice piece Ken. – Jim. Low, dark, booming sounds and crickets – it is night deep in the forest but something is not normal. A pleasingly abstract piano line arcs over the shadows – a sort of lifeline to rationality. Good contrasting elements here. – Paul.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
OPL3 08/05/10-#2Like bubbles rising to the surface, among interplanetary frequencies (okay vivid imagination). Bouncing about. Jukka you haven’t been gone perse but I think you were not with us last weekend though maybe historically in a mash, so welcome back in the virtual flesh. Your electronic alchemy of beeps and bawks continue to amaze. At some point would be cool to have you talk about how you capture all the range of sounds, perhaps a podcast interview approaches for such. – Jim. The 23d century is here with beeps, clicks and burbles. These sounds feel fatter and fuller – more than just video-game effects. – Paul.

NES Impro #1 – Okay this one is right in the arcade pocket to me. Neat and nicely edited or captured. I can see Mario bounce about or flippers flipping, buttons pushed… – Jim. Beautifully constructed – a definite groove goin’ here. Exhibit A in how to make music from pure NES! Well done! – Paul.

Steve Moyes
Watching, Waiting For An End – Stellar and patient Steve with a great sense of depth between your xylophone or similar tones. Exploring color after color, almost like passing through a winter chamber and gently tapping on vibrant icicles… [editor’s note – Steve will be my interview on the September ImprovFriday Radio podcast, stay tuned.]Jim. Quiet, deliberate series of solitary bell chimes. Great use of space between the tones. Love the echos in the
lower registers. Solemn, with just a suggestion of expectation. – Paul.

What It’s Not Like – Like a slow-motion alarm bell that slowly evolves into a zen-like series of chimes. Builds nicely into a complex series of tones, drones and chimes. Becomes noticeably lighter at 6:00 – the bells sustaining the mood – the slow fade out is perfect. Engaging over the full 8 minutes. Very well done! – Paul. A return of Steve’s classic finger cymbals and Chinese bells I think, creating aural frequencies all strung together, guessing through Mobius looping, of which he is an avid user. The percussive hits grow more dense tones ringing into each other overlaying becoming an almost single tone then expanding again in to separates and then resolving out to the foundation it began – a complete picture Steve. – Jim.

Greg Hooper
If Not Now, Later – Slow motion bungee recoil (grins), actually maybe audio stretched guitar or other instrument strings. Lovely bouncing tones with nice reverse near end. Neat piece Greg. – Jim. Interesting sounds – a bit like Jukka’s but stretched out some. Elastic in tone and timbre. Nice harmonies, even
when the pitches are stretched. – Paul.

Suitable – More sub string tones (if I’m wrong Greg forgive) with a nice developing funk kind of groove. At times it’s almost like a rubber gongs clanging about. Higher frequency emerges near end contrasting the lower tones. – Jim. Deep tones sound out like low intensity explosions. The cymbal adds some interesting harmonics. – Paul.

Kavin Allenson
Trouble in Hamtramck – Police scanner capture narrative riding along with synth like ‘Jukka’ like tones. Nice density in the arrangement Kavin complimenting what reminds me of Police band I’d hear on a hot August night years ago in the television station newsroom I worked at – lots of ‘trouble’ on nights like that. – Jim. Morse code! Police dispatcher talk, surrounded by a bouncy bass line. It all adds up to a sad story. – Paul.

Quartered – Pristine slighty edgee acoustic guitar loops/sequences. Quarter tone tuned and quoting Kavin’s description, “Here’s an experiment with quarter tone tuning. I tuned my guitar: low E (normal tuning), A (quarter step up), D (normal tuning), G (quarter step down), B (normal tuning) high and E (tuned D then quarter step down)”. Nicely put together with resolving strums to prepared or pre nut koto like plucks to a processed almost marimba like conclusion. – Jim.

Paul Hertz
In An Augustly Sluggish Manor [sic] – Paul your organ seems to be getting more and more mellower with every week of late. Exploring nice textures introspectively rich. Tones melt into each other like a humid August afternoon. Much suspension resolving throughout as if one step to another, growing to a faint and gradual fade conclusion. – Jim. Slow, deliberate – quietly sets a somber scene. Slowly decreases in volume ending on a single note. – Paul.

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Rx3Q War – A sense of outside, distant activity away growing closer, maybe airplanes, maybe rush of the ocean, pops like guns possibly only celebration. @1:30 sounds more immediate, atmosphere startled by random electronic sounds. Nice panning in the growing diminishinig noise floor. – Jim. Sounds of flame and steam underground. Thumps and bumps produce a feeling of being under attack. Relentless yet somehow distant. – Paul.

Digital Message – Featuring Lee Noyes and Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Echoing through the wire. Calling calling. 3 long 2 short. Wait. Over. Transatlantic call, 1932. First contact with ‘space noise’ radio telescope. Sightings sightings, no there are no aliens, I repeat there are no aleins… – Jim. Interesting periodic wailing sounds mixed with electronics and static. Gives a sense of traveling down some cable or along some circuit board trace. – Paul.

Damage Goods – Love this. Minimalist gritty thick electric guitar sets a beautiful minimal scape leading into more intricate fingerpicked detail. Excellent space. Sounds like exploring a room that has really delicate or fragile surfaces. – Jim. Rich guitar sounds – reminds me of a Joni Mitchell album. Nice playing – a somber feel of regret to it. Last note dies away perfectly! – Paul.

FALCON Twist – Reminds me of the ReUse record I produced, using things we discard as our instruments for this project. Roger sounds like he has empty hairspray or spray paint cans strung up and is lightly tapped about them or allowing the wind to blow them, getting that ringing of empty cans familiar long decay ring, nice. Additionally much tapping in the early stages of this piece as well as some nice ‘recoil’ sounds from some kind of sound reflective surface. – Jim. Gentle metalic sounds – a wind chime? Tapping on a coffee can lid? Nice ringing tones here. – Paul.

Laser – Heavy earthy strat thick guitar similar to Damaged Goods, cutting like a ‘laser’. On hearing this it has a real Bill Frisell feel to it Roger, cool track. – Jim. Full electic guitar sounds here – effective use of echo. Well-played. – Paul.

Alien Industri – Featuring Adam Kondor, Bruce Hamilton, David John Baer McNicholas and Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Distant guitar cutting through the aural fog like a search light. On/off beat sense of uneasiness about. Great metallic density. Creature growls at piece’s end, perfect underscore. – Jim.

Mr Bob Copycat Drake – Featuring Steve Layton, Chris Vaisvil, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Lee Noyes and Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Kind of a very melancoloy feel to this mash, nice spacing in the mix and several series of short edits and reoccurring themes such as Chris’s Blowing Leaves comes and goes a s theme. – Jim.

Lee Noyes
Scored Speck Paean – Spacial hits, occasional passer by voices, a metal smith shop, a family miced from far away, a kitchen, something is sizzling or perhaps rain, all open to interpretation, the real the unreal, the space which is often a theme in Lee’s music as in the same way I interpret as the area we call the square framed by 4 connected evenly measured lines. Kitchen sizzle is back. All thoughts that come about in listening to ‘Scored Speck Paean’. – Jim. Certain sense of routine domestic activity here, but the dynamic levels give it a new perspective. We are 1 inch tall and standing on the counter top near a sink. Ingenious! – Paul.

Marsh Wind Waxing – Oscillation, first growing quickly to high pitch then desent then more modulated as it fades. Then a ‘crackle’ as if a distant firework explodes. Then nothing no the next wave of an oscillation grows as if sound in that that’s what happens, the foundation of our music whether traditional or experimental grows from silence, the anticipation, the nothing, the mental emotion, feeling, idea. Silence the oscillation returns, so smooth it’s rheostat, so pure the tone, the Marsh Wind. – Jim. Subtle rising and falling of simple sinewave tones spaced with silence. This is what science fiction sounded like before
Star Wars… – Paul.

Norbert Oldani
Sample Cloud of Wind Chimes – High pitched or pitched up, sped up wind chimes, raked across as in series, grows lower, nice texture in here. – Jim. Beautiful pinging just at the edge of perceptibility (for my old ears). Lovely bell-like tones in the middle registers. – Paul.

Open Form – To Complete or Mash – Commanding synth strings emerge, low arpeggiating with viola or cello esque stating, then a violin. A synth wind joins. Strong musical motif here and I hear an influence that suggests a sense of Paul Muller. Nice track Norbert. – Jim. The perfect music of indecision! Gets a
nice groove going that could be profitably expanded IMHO. The starting and stopping are exactly right. Well done! – Paul.

Sample Cloud of a Chinese Yangqin – Neat Norbert. Looped Far East like bells and plucked like instruments. Pulsing like change gradually being dropped on a table but in a rhythmic order. – Jim. The bright harp-like sounds are very engaging. – Paul.

Walk Thru Target – An aural moment in the life, errands, moments in America’s superstore and I can tell they are already friendlier than the one in Brooklyn on Atlantic Avenue. I sense the life beyond New York. Nice mic placement for a good sense of motion as well as the passing ambience on all sides. A child’s voice… A nice musical interlude as we pass through Latin America and back to Americana. Nice moment in time. – Jim. Ah, got the new recorder out have we? Picks up voices very well… Actually sounds quite pleasant – unlike when I have to go shopping. I’m listening and wondering – what is he going to buy? Now some Mexican music – sounds like home! Alas, we never made it to the
check-out…. – Paul.

Bruce Hamilton
Lunchtime Euphony – Heartland solo piano with ambience, at times hearing influence of J.C.’s dearthy dense chords ringing in Bruce’s chops. A sense of hope and optimism abound in the colors which for brief glimmerings ring Hornsby but return to darker shades. Ham and cheese on rye please… – Jim. Great booming sounds from the piano intensified by
the echo-y feel. Achieves an almost Copeland-like grandeur by about 2:00. – Paul.

ArnestGreat e-beat Bruce that sets the stage for your ‘short’. Piano microtonal sounds emerge and weave through looking for signs of pitch but stayinig independently clear. Guitaresque distortion sets nice closing moment. – Jim. Funky percussion and micro-tuned piano give a steel drum feel. Definite Caribbean vibe going here. – Paul.

Vome – Cool vocal departure Bruce, flowing lyrical prose of ‘sleeping’ with vocoder enhancement or some modulation. – Jim. C&W taken to a whole ‘nother level. Lovely harmonies, even when bent. – Paul.

While We Sleep – Featuring Adam Kondor, Lee Noyes, Norbert Oldani, Jérôme Poirier, Peter Thörn and Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Vome reinstates in to a more dense landscape of Adam Kondor porportion (cool how we are all starting to influence one another), lot’s good brief seguewaying of various partners here, Adam, Lee and Peter’s environmentals, Norberts manips, Jerome’s edits and twists/turns. As the voice moves through the piece and away environmental colors grow more as well as nice metallic chimes and reverse sweeps. Nice one. – Jim.

Kondstrumoyer – Featuring Adam Kondor, Steve Moyes, Roger Sundström and Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Vast and fat opening. Cool textures between the dense dark guitars, electronics and ‘xylophone’ all jangled with occasional rhythmic bursts. Nice modulation and resolution on end. Funny I Google kondstrumoyer to find out what it means and I get one hit, the very mash on ImprovFriday, I’d say we’re ‘out there’ gang. – Jim. Muscular sound from Roger’s guitar competes with the rising, mysterious tones. The pieces of this mix play off well against one another. – Paul.

Steve Moshier
Weeds and Debris – Good title, like walking through a huge garden, all kinds of things aboud visually here. Great mysterious tones as I’ve come to expect no less from you Steve, rich in the dark. – Jim. Classic Moshier with sounds from all directions. Nice incoming explosions. Does not disappoint given the title. – Paul.

Bumper Car – Cool 44 seconds. Heavy stamping sound, friction, gangs motion, emerging treble slightly piercing sound appears. Then all stops. Well recorded and innovative colors Steve. – Jim. Effective re-creation of the classic boardwalk ride. – Paul.

Steve Layton
Rising Falls – Me thinks an Oberheim here or similar voice. Feels the past though. The water surges below, sounds pound down, nice rolling vibe in the ‘O’ voice. As the piece grows the sensing of crashing colors abounds into the next. Neat and effective Steve. – Jim. A complex sequence that never quite settles into a predictable pattern. Like watching rapids in a river – dynamic and static at the same time. – Paul.

Ear Cinema – Featuring Steve Moshier x2, Peter Thörn, Jeff Fairbanks, Greg Hooper, Adam Kondor, Norbert Oldani and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Chains in the closet, as the title suggests cimematic or more to my ears from here in New York, akin to the open of a musical in a sense. Love the visitation this week by the infamous Man Ray (Peter thanks), what a neat statement and sense of art. Nice rhythmic foundation grows and with various sounds takes on a cross between an Asian motif and a Michal Oldfield piece. Near end flutter of Swedish(grins) creatures takes us into a more forest world and Man Ray reappears – fun scape Steve. – Jim.

Our Lady of Tunnels – Birds come to mind, sort of as in the periphrial sounds on the sides, a bit of the rain forest. Haunting main voice almost like No Face from Hayao Miyazaki. Nice spacial colors throughout the mix Steve. – Jim. Electronic sounds that unfurl quietly, gracefully. Owes something to Jukka’s recent influence, I think. Peaceful feeling here, for all the surface busyness. – Paul.

Breakthrough and Stillness – Featuring Jérôme Poirier, Bruce Hamilton, Lee Noyes, Paul Muller, Ken Palmer, Peter Thörn and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Quick edits accompany the ‘Lunchtime…’ piano bringing in cool balance between tones and ambience. Occasional distortion color breaks the ice and the nicely heard stellarness of Paul’s drone carries the foundation of bursts of passing parts. Great color among the various keyboards, occasional percussion/physical hits and the Lost in Space upward rising modulations. I wrote a guitar piece once, Stillness and Return, so I love the title Steve. PS, our community cicada’s emerge here. – Jim. Dramatic beginning intensified by Jerome’s cello and Jukka’s electronic fireworks. The drone background heightens the effect of the cello and other sounds. The piano entrance at about 3:30 carries the mood forward. The cello and domestic sounds come in and out of the foreground effectively. Peaceful ending. – Paul.

Busy Signals – Featuring Kavin Allenson, Roger Sundström, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Bruce Hamilton and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – This one takes your cake this weekend Steve. Love Kavin’s police band and the sense of urban scape here in the electronic parts from all of you. It’s an interesting contrast when Bruce’s Vome should emerge. Dig the flowing pulsation the whole mash exudes. Video collaboration of this piece was particularly nice so please have a look here! – Jim.

Purdy Suitable – Featuring Greg Hooper, David John Baer McNicholas, Steve Moyes, Roger Sundström x2 and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Mashing in a 1st time participant, excellent and nice percussive hit David brought to us. Lot’s of mystery and drama abound in the tones of Steve and Roger with Greg’s bass line suggesting a groove of separation. Lot’s of nice rings here. – Jim.

Jeff Fairbanks
Melange7 – More seriousness in the feel of this piece Jeff than some of your recent pieces that were more playful, which neither here nor there but this is a nice contrasting tone surrounded by interesting percussion hits and blipping passing tones almost in a street beat. Seriously nice melody. – Jim. Interesting groove going – the percussion adds to the exotic feel. Should be expanded! – Paul.

Peter Thörn
Everything and More – Great natural aural scape, I can see Sweden from here Peter. Sounds like a summer rain blowing through with great thunder rolling across the fields. Then it’s like I never left the Delta, your bowed nyckelharpa with a supporting pulsingn rhythm, emerges like the southern heat praying the sky will crack with rain and suddenly it does. Voices echo in the distance mimicking your nyckel…, sounds of town appear along with gently strummed acoustic guitar. Some cicada’s who have been running through this IF thread emerge with the nightfall along with birdlike flutter and sounds, gentle udu somewhere out there as well no? Beautiful environmental scape Pete. – Jim. Quite a series of explosive sounds here – thunder and rain. The drone adds to the sense of disappointment – a reprise of the vuvuzela at times. Bowling sounds at 9:00 bring us into a whole new environment and produces the impressive ending. Nicely crafted. (So I’m thinking you guys finally got a nice warm summer weekend up there in
Sweden and it rained the whole time?) – Paul.

Man Ray in A – Droning nyckelharpa supports an aural flashback of Man Ray, wow! – Jim. Interesting text – a comment on the drone sound? – Paul.

Flush Out the Jack – Birds across the field, a hunter has passed through. Shots ring out. Danger… Danger… my feathered friends. Very visual. – Jim. Amazing looping of bird sounds, slowly extends itself. Nice contrast with the motor sound. A portrait of the outdoors. – Paul.

Jérôme Poirier
Portrait of Kovásznai’s ‘Szintézis Önarcképpel’ – Love the distortion and quick edits and the way they intermingle. The painting is very cool and akin to Dali. Here’s a look for the uninformed such as myself. Good aural description Jérôme. – Jim. Very exotic sounds intermixed with Jerome’s cello. Like turning the dial on an old AM radio. Now we are in a crowd and people are walking by – and the cello plays alone. – Paul.

Sur le Côté Gauche – Featuring Kavin Allenson, Shane W. Cadman, Jeff Duke, Jeff Fairbanks, Gaetano Fontanazza, Jim Goodin, Bruce Hamilton, Paul Hertz, Greg Hooper, Johnny & Faith, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Adam Kondor, Steve Layton, Steve Moshier, Paul Muller, Lee Noyes, Norbert Oldani, Ken Palmer, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström, Peter Thörn and Chris Vaisvil and Jérôme Poirier (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – A nice call and renedering Jérôme for a return of the large scale mashes as your work and recent Adam Kondor’s have put together. Sur le Côté Gauche (Googled for my curiosity of meaning but only got French) paints a great sense of this sampling of IFer’s of which thanks for including me. It’s all very quick and sort of like ‘find the Pope in the pizza’ but it’s quite rich in color and sense of taking the listener through ‘well you must hear this, this and this!’, almost like the rabbit in Alice. Excellent flow. – Jim. Well it’s everything all in the same mix! Difficult to do… – Paul. [editor’s note update, add’ info sent by Jérôme Poirier – ‘Sur le côté gauche’ means ‘On the left side’. You can hear a french tourist guide saying the expression at 01’35. I took it from Adam’s piece ‘Monkey-warriors’. I liked the idea of pointing in one direction. Like, there’s new music over there. Plus her voice is nice. So here’s the title.].

And though we don’t as a rule review each other’s work publicly I do want to start posting the links to the work that Paul and I each produce in each weekend’s threads and will begin with what we did last weekend here.

Paul Muller
Drone Study #8
Trumpet Warm Up #2

Jim Goodin
By Random Chance
We Work

That wraps up this week’s WhatsNewAtImprovFriday blog posting. Check us out each week for a review of the work recently created by the ImprovFriday artist community. If you are a musician interested in improvisational and expermental music please visit the ImprovFriday site at http://improvfriday.ning.com and consider joining us, it’s totally free, we just ask that you in with an open mind and heart. Don’t forget to check out the August ImprovFriday Radio podcast and Paul’s fine show on mashes. Paul and I rotate hosting duties and formats each month. He does concept and ImprovFriday multi-artist features, I do an in-depth interview with one ImprovFriday artist who for the September show will be Steve Moyes.

See you next week, have a great weekend.

Jim & Paul

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller


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