Vampires, Quicksand and Frog Pond, All Realized on ImprovFriday

Well as said ‘”better late than never” and so without any further delay the Whats New At ImprovFriday edition for the weekend of August 26th – 28th. Many distractions that followed last weekend pushed publication back a few days, but here we are, living better than ever. With every thread event the ImprovFriday community just keeps on getting better than ever, stronger and more deeper into the ‘muse’ connection that the member artists have come to know.

ImprovFriday:  If you just happened onto this page, ImprovFriday is a creative New Music community on the Ning network formed by composer/environmental soundscape artist, J.C. Combs. Founded in 2009, the community has grown to a member base of 216 with approximately 30 active composer artists participating in the Thursday to Saturday ‘thread event’ as it’s called, serving as an open call for those participating to produce a piece(s) of music for world-wide web consumption on the ImprovFriday home page. The pieces are licensed under the Creative Commons agreement and are intended to be both presented as they are submitted as well as given to the member community to remix and ‘mash-up’ for an additional posting.

Following each weekend’s event, member and ImprovFriday Radio host Paul Muller and myself [Jim Goodin] do spontaneous short commentaries on each work submitted and publish the results here generally by the following Thursday on Each piece below is hyperlinked to it’s MP3 audio file so you may click on and listen to.

So let’s go…

Jim Hae, Gu Le, and Din Yu
Ri Ko Shi – Featuring Jim Hae, Gu Le, Din Yu and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Weaving together of 3 oudists’ who go east then west in search of their muse. Professor Layton caught them wandering across Texas and blended them wonderfully. – Jim.

Jeff Duke
Yashmaar – Unmistakable Jeff arises. In my knowing him the last year-plus I’ve seen a very signature voice evolve in him, this one no less. Lovely decay. – Jim. Warm tones form a good structure for the guitar to play over. Restful, reflective – beautiful playing. – Paul.

Steve Moyes
Longer and Darker – Wow almost Fireside Theater here, Steve! Love the play-by-play guy. All the while seeming to be commentary on the video arcade, Jukka’s influence abounds here across the Channel. Nice distortion voice enters amongst the electronic battle. Nice end. – Jim. Jukka-Pekka goes to the cricket match. Fascinating dialogue for us non-Brits. Feels like there is a whole parallel universe hovering over the pitch. Very inventive and you gave it the perfect ending. – Paul.

Paul Hertz
Minimalish – Subtle pulse and modulation in nicely clustered chords diminishing away. – Jim. Listening to David Toub lately? This is certainly reduced to its essentials. Nobody doesn’t like minimalism… 🙂 – Paul.

J.C. Combs
Quicksand – Focused and pensive, reminding me of a Bill Frisell piece that I love called Pendulum, also for some reason J.C.’s percussive groove here feels very much like a bolero to me. The repetitive piano note(s) is quite cool and begins to evolve into other textures. – Jim. Tension builds right from the opening. The pitches are rapid… but sinking. Nice playing and the notes are well-chosen. – Paul.

Jérôme Poirier
Portrait of Satoshi Kon’s Nested Dreams Sequence in ‘Perfect Blue’ – Lovely deep solo cello memorial to the fallen one. Changes to more hopping contrasting frenetic vibe then varies between the two as if a dance. – Jim. Some great playing here – solemn melody accompanied by rapid series of multiple notes makes a good contrast. Strong Japanese flavor to this. – Paul.

This is How We Get There – A sampled truffle pig, yes Jérôme? Just kidding…,well initially that thought came to mind but then becomes more pulsed and thinking manipulated cello, then I’m thinking Jukka is inside your cello and has electrified it with his bleeps and bings! Regardless, very creative as all. – Jim. Series of very short segments of sound that gradually lengthen and speed up to form the sound of a motorcycle engine. A reminder of our reliance on the infernal combustion engine. Nicely realized. – Paul.

Todd Lainhart
Frog Pond – Echoing clarinetish voice conversation, sequence, pulse in a spacious Steve Reich sort of growing repetition. Is it frogs at night on the pond taking me back to when I was a kid and my daddy talked of going frog gigging with friend B.H., miss them both. – Jim. Simple yet precise flute sounds accurately render a series of frog calls. Effectively pastoral and relaxing. Well done! – Paul.

Jeff Duke and Jim Goodin
Yashmaar Minaret – Featuring Jeff Duke, Jim Goodin and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Not much I can say here but thank you to both gentlemen for doing what you do.  Jeff Yashmaar is a great vibe of around the world and in a sense I’m there too. Adam thanks for putting us all together. – Jim. The call of the minaret now against the background of Jeff’s lush playing. Exotic feel and both pieces compliment each other very well. – Paul.

Chris Vaisvil
Keys at Lowes – Dense keyboard wash following searching voices, leading to more cathedral-like organ sounds – more the phantom of the room than the praise. Warbling percussive beat lightly comes and goes. Nice decay. – Jim. Serious sound processing going on here. All the ambient sounds acquire a sort of sonic halo that adds together interestingly. The sound of a key being made? It might as well be cutting a steel beam. Amazing the way this piece scales up an everyday sound and makes it fill your head! – Paul.

Children of the Insane / Voice and Effects Improvisation – Creative voice samples and layering, density grows then releases, cries in the night or police sirens, bees in a swarm, a sawing on the end as in a beat. – Jim. A questioning sound here that becomes the squalling of infants that becomes tigers fighting! Echo-y voices now at 2:30 and more infants. The similarity of these sounds to human speech triggers unsettling reflexive feelings. – Paul.

Steve Layton and Jérôme Poirier
Kon’s Moon – Evans and Casals, wow, just perfect guys. – Jim. Sleek piano accompaniment to Jerome’s Japanese sounds adds a sort of western counterpoint. Well done by both artists! – Paul.

Paul Bailey with Guitarist Jeremy Keller
Music for Controllers 1 – Neat opening distortion bowed plucked. Distant found drum in back. Cool flowing in out in guitar overlaying the rhythm. Tremendous work in this track to me Paul. – Jim. Good contrast between the long tones in the (bowed?) guitar and the sharp percussion. Good groove going by 2:30. Lovely guitar playing at 4:30. A sort of wistful feel to this – very engaging as it builds. Beautiful piece. – Paul.

Benjamin Smith
Ben_improv.Aug26.2010 – Like tumbling waters or plummeting stones down the hill, keys to keys, notes to notes, growing intensity into descending, passionate dark dense lines, recoils for a bit then returns to tight clusters and almost percussive beats to the conclusion. – Jim. The sound of the levers and hammers inside the piano actually add to this piece as heard here at IF! The piano sound has a prepared feeling to it. Like the repetitive theme to this. 🙂 Very effective in sustaining a feeling of uncertainty. I dunno Ben, I like this every bit as much as your more polished recordings. Great ending. – Paul.

Jeff Fairbanks
IO – Input output, pulsing tones that begin and end in a staccato feel. Joined by lyrical clusters, all defining a neat beat. The cluster lines fade out and the starting pulse sequences nicely concludes. – Jim. Cool minimalist/electronic feel to this – Io is a moon of Jupiter – could be a musical portrait. – Paul.

Paul Bailey
I Might as Well Get in Line – Featuring Norbert Oldani, Lee Noyes, Jérôme Poirier, Shane Cadman, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Paul Bailey (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Environmental beginnings as if outside a large room, the light passes through the walls as the density of strobelike melody and interwoven synth textures grows. Speaks of Michael Oldfield as it grows. Nice blending Paul. – Jim. Organ opening almost Glass-like 🙂 . Builds in intensity but remains solemn. Roaring at 3:50 out adds menace to the ending. Well made from a lot of different pieces. – Paul.

Peter Thörn
Spellevink – Me thinks this is a street merchant passing through the village on a wagon possibly, is it Pete? In fact you must be riding along and it’s possibly raining. Nice feeling. – Jim. We are in a boat being rowed, I think = the oarsman is singing. All of the banging sounds and squeaks seem to be in tune with the melody. A perfect summer outing – thanks for inviting us along. – Paul.

Short Impro – Cool vibe Peter, so organic as you always are using what is there before you. The percussive hits of your nyckelharpa become ‘electric’ as the density grows overlayed with sitar like voice circling. – Jim. Could it be the zither reborn? Gentle cloud of strumming provides a soothing texture while the higher tones add some light color. Surprisingly enjoyable. – Paul.

Sleepy – Ry Cooder and cats on the sunny porch. Stellar darkness is around, maybe it’s the early winter sky after autumn. Really nice long slides and just letting this one sit there waiting to see what happens. – Jim.

Johnny and Faith
Vampires Are Lucky – Your usual cool fun creative workings Johnny and Faith, this one too. Voice and street beat vibe with neat organic foundational feel. – Jim. Sinister with a modern touch. The Julia Child segment was particularly chilling. – Paul.

Glenn Weyant
ESP ~ The Armed Forces – Commentary spoken word view of a sense of stuck, of time goes by and nothing changes. Reading tones of definitions, centering on ‘life’. Comments on our traditional corporate America and the ‘corps’ of our America, don’t play this too loud around the boys of West Point. – Jim. The Armed Forces – Reading by the washing machine on the spin cycle. Esp good. – Paul.

Ken Palmer
Tempest – Great stage presence orchestration weaving piano coloring throughout. Nice timpani hits. Piano sounds like Vince Guaraldi qoute for a moment, dark synth voices enter after that. Piano finishes. – Jim. The piano provides a conventional sort of entrance but the background is decidedly menacing. Nice use of timpani and brass. The title and sound suggests this is about 5 years post-Katrina? – Paul.

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Boiler Room – The warmth and dampness of steam seaps from under the door as we near the room. We go in turn a valve and settle its release, then the door closes. Walk away. The steam returns, a vicious cycle, almost like the wily coyote in the Roadrunner cartoon. – Jim. Steamy sounds along with the humming of motors – then we close the door and are in a new place. More steam – quite a trip. – Paul.

Harkrank Metall – Crunching metal in machinery, lower intestine breaking down, monster in the depths, approaching evil. – Jim.

BG Environment – An industrial space, a mechanical drone coming across the room, the floor, the street, the world, the wind. Grows stronger, darker, slightly sinister, could be a windstorm across the plains. – Jim.

Premoon Hunting – Featuring Steve Layton, Adam Kondor x2 and Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Dusk as the sun lowers to the approaching dark northern skies, brisk piano sounds announce the first light of a full moon on the horizon, reflecting light through the fields and streams, the hunters sipping hot coffee from their camp fire awaiting the night stirring of critters to begin. – Jim. Lovely deep chord starts out – then the entrance by Steve’s piano has an almost metallic quality – nice contrasts here. The background becomes more complex and abstract but our attention stays on the piano line with its reassuring familiarity. – Paul.

Shane W. Cadman
Piece082710 – Floating delicate pensiveness with really nice lyrical Robin Ford like guitar line joining the float. Nice space in the mix and feel Shane as well as the ending. – Jim. Fine organ entrance – the bell tones provide good contrast. The guitar dominates the texture – a conventional enough melody but played with a heartfelt touch. – Paul.

Lee Noyes
Following Tones – Atmospheric nicely recorded room sound kettle drum or some shallow drum like sound, sterile alone, suggesting a sense of listening for what’s in between. Shifts to sounds of hands moving along the surface texture finding a contrast. Fingertips brushing asking asking what’s between the sound as only Lee can do. – Jim. Sounds of an ordinary pan being struck but the tone breaks out into a ringing that reminds me of a temple bell. Another brilliant object lesson in sonic perspective. The extended silence in the middle of the piece becomes a meditation. – Paul.

Untitled – Reverse envelop beginning possibly to space, screen door opens, spiritualism of the muse walks in, maybe it’s the wind blowing free off the New Z… coast. – Jim. Short segments of sound followed by a total cut-off. These sounds gradually are extended – then cut-off again. You begin to guess when they will end. Interesting. – Paul.

Open Piano 14ET No. 1 – Sappho’s Remembrance – Nice contrast between the felt hammers and the plucks. Plucked high sounds suggests zither or Asian tones, ah a tuning hammer as we just had a cool slide mod there or perhaps you are using a slide Lee. You’re such a forensics doctor with this open piano project. Good work! – Jim. Almost a guitar-like sound as the strings are plucked. A definite South Asia feel to this. – Paul.

Open Piano 14ET No. 2 – The Opposite of Remembrance is Invitation – Strong percussive hit starts this one off followed by some rubbing or bowing (Michael Masley influence maybe Lee?). At times a slide guitar feel going on which is so innovative. You’re def’ly in Lee land here but clearly you’re the mayor! Percussive stuff in this one is quite cool. – Jim.

Norbert Oldani
Blusey – Rich synth voices, very choir like in color but much more modern in phrasing and releases as the title suggests, resolves with cool chord voicing at end. – Jim. Voices – in harmony! Chant-like beginnings give way to interesting bluesy chords. Good realization. – Paul.

Evening Rain on my Front Porch My Driveway on a Sunny – Ah the sound of summer after long hot day and the sky breaks into tears, long steady rains fall, screened in porch and my grandmother at the door talking about how she loved to see it rain, hear the thunder, see the lightning as I jumped when the sky cracked, okay I digress… – Jim. Gentle rain sounds – we here in SoCal have a different emotional reaction! – Paul.

My Driveway on a Sunny Afternoon – Birds singing, railroad in the distance, the cawe of the crows across the field, sitting under the car port roof, the drone of space and that which surrounds us. The crow cawes and a car drives by. Effective spacial discovery Norbert. – Jim. The mournful sound of a train in the distance offsets the singing of the birds – nice slice of New York state. – Paul.

Start of Walk from Mohawk River dam along the trail to Wertz Ave in – Taking us on another tour adventure here Norbert. Begins as if we are passing by a waterfall then gradually moving away, nicely recorded footsteps surrounded by evening crickets or cicadas in the distance. – Jim. Watery sounds, we are on foot… – the North American answer to Roger’s ‘Nifsarpsmaden’ from last week! Good response! – Paul.

Bruce Hamilton
Treehouse Cellar – Opening makes me think of Leo Kottke maybe it’s part the title Treehouse and the opening brief guitar pluck. That evolves into a nice environmental and playful stridesque piano, lovely. Perhaps we are in a wine cellar seeking the lost vintage. Nice one Bruce. – Jim. A lot of activity here. Some keyboard comes in – every treehouse cellar has a piano… Homey feel with some electronica as an overlay. Interesting ending… – Paul.

Jola – Featuring Steve Layton, Lee Noyes, Norbert Oldani, Roger Sundström, Peter Thörn, Glenn Weyant and Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Love the name Bruce. The color between the voice and Steve’s safari melody nicely juxtaposes with Peter’s percussive energy. The environmental weaving of Glenn’s boredom of life narration with pulsing edits amidst the boiler room and intense gunfire. Wow whose dream is this! – Jim. Norbert’s voices provide a chanting to calm compliment the frenetic stringy sounds – feels like we are in a temple of some kind during a ceremony. A series of explosions at 2:45 adds a certain menace to the proceedings… Calm returns with flutes and voices at about 4:10. – Paul.

Input Output Smoothnews Standstill on Frog Pond – Featuring Jeff Fairbanks, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Todd Lainhart, Steve Moyes and Bruce Hamilton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Circusy in feel with passing colors and lights, growing internal drone weaves through the bottom, lyrical guitars envelop amidst the drone and pulse. Cool acoustic string tones announce later in the piece all riding about the drone, the smoke, the color, the lights on the road (to the Frog Pond). – Jim. Pleasant electronic groove becomes surrounded by a roaring sound. Trouble on the frog pond? Bells at 2:00 add some optimism to the gathering gloom. By 2:45 a sense of normality returns – the guitar provides more sunshine and a smooth ending.. – Paul.

Adam Kondor
Towards Harfleur – Featuring Steve Moyes, Lee Noyes, J.C. Combs, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström, Kavin Allenson and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – The field drums and pipes in this mash are particularly effective weaving through the environmental ambiance. The synth and environmental drone equally nice. The voice enters and suggests something very Scots to me maybe it’s the pipes setting the stage. The brief siren and the drone move more towards seriousness and danger, perhaps approaching storm on the eastern shore over the Channel, perhaps the Nazi planes 50 some odd years before. – Jim. Sounds of movement – a pulsing motor-like sound and electronica. Now JC’s parade. Nice progression of pieces. – Paul.

Erik Satie Organ-Concerto, 2nd Mvt. – Featuring Paul Hertz, Anton Dvorak and Adam Kondor (reconstructing mixer/masher) – Color abounds and what sounds at times to me like pentatonic scales. Paul’s in good company here. ‘Going home, going home’ statement at end brings chills. – Jim. Another inspired repurposing of the classics. A very relaxed feeling here – like watching a sunset. Combines the best of the two pieces to sustain the mood – superior almost, to hearing them separately… yet again. – Paul.

Creeping-Crawling – Vincent Price about to enter the room with his ‘ghoulish’ glare. It’s those kind of strings and voicing with a smidge of German industrialism about like post WWII. Grows throughout occasionally suggesting voices then quietly leaves the room. – Jim. Fine sense of tension and menace here, yet very controlled and not too extravagant. – Paul.

La Chasse Royale – Neat orchestral sounds over African percussive beats becoming one at times, cultures and times apart, the French and the Afrikaans, nice solo voice enters to the end. – Jim. La Chasse Royale – Exotic, yet familiar. A combination of a middle-ages dance and Indian tabla? A certain courtly stateliness here, even with all the rapid drumming. – Paul.

Prelude – Dark in the woods tones here akin to Steve Moshier in color. Sense of depth and mobility in the lower range, subtle snare passes through, Mark Isham in color but two shades more dense. – Jim. Lovely deep sounds open into lighter tones and colors. Like drifting on a soft warm cloud. – Paul.

Prelude 2 – Underwater exploring in a Nautilus bubblesphere, slowing delicately bumping along the oceanic floor looking for life, objects de sea. – Jim. Pure sine tones here give a slightly harder edge than in the first Prelude. Same piece, but filtered? Warm and smooth. – Paul.

Rondeau X – Featuring Paul Bailey, Shane Cadman, Paul Muller, Peter Thörn, Steve Layton-mix and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Tokyo after WWII and a growing society, healing. Dark streets. Neat interplay between Shane’s guitar voice and Jeremy’s in Paul’s piece happening. A film reel plays. Cool mix Adam, particularly when the voices come in. – Jim.

Paul-Phase – Featuring Paul Muller and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Brilliant weave here. Such like chocolate and peanut butter as Kavin ref’d last weekend. There’s Paul’s gorgeous like bright ReichGlass like pulse and Adam enters with contrasting almost old World tones bringing much density into the workings. – Jim. The music box sounds start off softly and are soon joined by another set, but out of phase and displaced in pitch. The overall effect as they combine is to suggest a sense of dementia. Well-crafted. – Paul.

To Alex Ross – Featuring Paul Hertz, Todd Lainhart, Jeff Fairbanks, Kavin Allenson, Paul Bailey, Lee Noyes-3x and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – This has a very subliminal Steve Reich feel to me particularly in the use of the reeds or wind patches. The electronic groove and pulse leads to more density Kavin and Jeremy’s cool guitar lines interspersed with the ‘frogs’ and beats between Todd, Jeff and Paul. Nice evolving moods in this one Adam. – Jim.

Hexagonal – Featuring Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Steve Layton, JC Combs and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Timewarp. Moving through. Dimensions on a conveyor belt. Flashing lights crossing Zelda. Actually we’re in a video game. – Jim.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Impro (Medusa) #1 – just like Miami VIce, coming on pulsing, strobing with a great sense urgency. – Jim. A piano concerto in electronica! Nice groove. This could be a good start to a longer version… – Paul.

Mod Impro 08/26/10-#1 – Moog like low tones in this one amidst the lights and pulsing bursts. Nice decaying ‘bounce’ like sounds in between. I see lava lamps on speed in your pieces Jukka! – Jim. More growling – this stays mostly in the lower registers. Very explosive! – Paul.

Mod Impro 08/26/10-#1, Variation – Continuation with added decay to my ears, subtle moon like sound almost ghostly at times, also some metallic energy is about, maybe Roger is slipping in there in influence! This one feels a bit like chipping away at the ice block making the sculpture. – Jim. As above but now with a buzzing that appears from time to time – the effect is to lengthen the perspective on the more explosive sounds. Not as unexpected in this way… Interesting psychological effect. – Paul.

Smooth News – Thinking closer to asteroids here and general feeling of space, time travel which in my past looks at your tracks Jukka I think I’m seeing and then don’t, more earthen things come to mind, this one however very feeling of space and floating travel. Good one. – Jim. Electronica in all its bleeping, blooping glory. Feels like we are far out in space. – Paul.

Steve Layton
One Game of Hex Empire – Music box like opening weaving into deepest darkest Africa and elephants passing on a safari. Great ambiance in the trees and surrounding. Wind chimes hit echoing darker voices precursor something up and gunfire starts to occur. The mix of the three continues to the music box conclusion. It’s Saturday afternoon before the ‘Net and cable – Jim. Music box, then flutes bring exotic flavor to this. Explosions? Watched ‘Lord Jim’ over the weekend – similar feeling to this. Bells at the end provide some hopeful relief – music box plays us out. – Paul.

Full Moon Sidewalk – Bill Evans with new colors. Lovely Steve. – Jim. Elegant piano with bright tones. Creates a solemn mood, like a rainy day. – Paul.

Storm Warning – Featuring Kavin Allenson, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Roger Sundström, Norbert Oldani and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Rural south in the spring, pre-summer when the sky becomes electric and the winds blow. The great Pacific railroad in the distant, cars beginning to rush, crows in the distance, Twilight Zone, storm coming… – Jim. Definite feeling of tension, right from the start. Shimmering sounds hover over the almost normal scene provided by Norbert’s piece. Drama builds with Kavin’s guitar and the roaring sound that seems to be gathering. Well done! – Paul.

Life Threatening – Featuring Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Adam Kondor, Lee Noyes, Chris Vaisvil, Glenn Weyant, Benjamin Smith and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Sense of ambiance, perhaps could be in an ER room, could be as the voice talks a person waking up from his entrapment of boredom, the organ wash amidst the acoustic keys, voices scurry minimally about as the piano tones fade to voices about the room fading fading. – Jim. A lot happening here – voices, arcade sounds, steel being cut. Sounds like we are close to a giant saw – suitably scary… Ben’s frantic piano adds to the uncertainty. It all drains away and we are safe… – Paul.

Orchestral Dream – Featuring Ken Palmer, Adam Kondor and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Wow kings of orchestration here! Matinee theater and film score scape abounds. Then the Vince Guraldi piano nicely breaks the ice, love that Ken. – Jim.

Lucky Vampire Anthem – Featuring Johnny and Faith, Jim Goodin, Paul Bailey, Shane Cadman, Adam Kondor and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Cool dub pop about this one. Johnny’s playfulness and sense of humor opens it and leads into a scape of percussion, Jeremy’s great guitar lines, Shane and Adam’s great orchestrations all woven. Great piece Steve. – Jim.

Things Seen From the Window – Featuring Lee Noyes x2, Jérôme Poirier, Chris Vaisvil, Steve Moyes and Steve Layton (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Lovely beginning color but I’m reminded of Peter’s hedge hog recording back in the spring for a bit! A bit of Jukka without Jukka goes on, the cello and spacial acoustic percussive tones bring together lovely color towards the middle that demands that we wait to see what’s next. The cries of children the sound of angry bees the scream of the neighbors (I’m glad we’re inside the room instead of outside). A subtle growing of acoustic plucks, distant guitar and voices emerge with a slight shrill perhaps an ambulance as here in Brooklyn about to break the rare night quiet… but it doesn’t. – Jim.

Kavin Allenson
Petrichoral – Michael Hedges feel in the foundation with layered lyrical guitar lines flowing through. Wes Montgomeryesque southern crosspicking in the developing guitar lines as the piece centers. – Jim. Sweet groove along with poignant sliding guitar tones. Abstract but yet somehow very basic. Good playing, as usual. Room for this to extend… – Paul.

So that’s the thread review for the weekend of August 26th – 28th which I hope you found interesting and information perhaps a bit thought-provoking. Paul and I as a rule do not publicly review each others contributions as we in addition to reviewing everyone’s work, we also participate each weekend with our own submissions. We do however post our work titles and links as follows so you may check out our musical worlds.

Paul Muller

Jim Goodin
Climbing Geometry
Hand Chant
F Sharp

I do want to mention that each month ImprovFriday produces a podcast series that resides on at ImprovFridayRadio.Podomatic.Com. You may go to that site or search ‘ImprovFriday Radio’ in iTunes and subscribe to the series. Paul and I take turns hosting each month. Paul generally features an ImprovFriday concept of working shared by several member artists and features that and some of the artists. I do a Skype interview and present that featured artist and his/her music for a complete in-depth episode. Currently the August series is posted. Paul featured mixes and mash-ups and looked at the work of ImprovFriday member artists’ J.C. Combs, Bruce Hamilton and Adam Kondor. During the month of September I will be featuring member artist Steve Moyes.

If you enjoyed this blog entry please feel free to post your comments at the link provided and additionally please visit the ImprovFriday website at ImprovFriday.Ning.Com and check out all the above artists and get to know our community of creative New Music making. Have a great week and we will see you on the next edition.


Jim and Paul
ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller


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