Bleep Hertz, Pictures and Alcohol Outlaws mix a Global Village this week on ImprovFriday

And here we go with another Whats New at ImprovFriday for a look back at the music, images and thoughts (wha…) produced during and around the ImprovFriday thread event, September 30 to October 2.

This blog serves as information and artist feedback about the experimental music community on the Ning network known as ImprovFriday [henceforth IF]. WhatsNewAtImProvFriday is produced by Paul Muller and myself [ Jim Goodin] both members of IF.

This is rather a sparse version of WhatsNewAtImProvFriday and is me solo this time (Paul was understandably overextended and will return) but is a unique document in unto itself as I am continuing to experiment with the format as I began doing last post. In the big ‘picture’, as often said, it’s all good. In a sense the purpose of this blog is becoming more to exhibit the creativity and spirit of IF in a range of content from our initial stage of spontaneous reviews and commentary to something more. So please go with me as I’m not sure what that is right now as I ‘improvise’ on the subject of ImprovFriday.

So with this edition of WhatsNewAtImProvFriday we’ll have a few reviews that I put together this time, images of the work of IF contributing photographers as noted in the captions and some lose thoughts inspired by email exchanges I had the last few days with fellow IFer’s.

Along the Way by Michael Mjollnir

Along the Way by Michael Mjollnir

“Something about that scene called to me. To me I see a scar on the landscape, which is sad, nature reaching back over the artificial bounds imposed by man and making that scar more attractive, and romance of the rails. It makes me want to ramble for a while :). I feel that call of the road like I feel when I’m riding my motorcycle… I think it is the simplicity which lasts those emotions come through.”Michael Mjollnir.

Thoughts on To Compose, Composer, Composed…?

A dialog came in a discussion generated by me with lot’s of good response by Bruce Hamilton, J.C. Combs, Steve Layton and Paul, about how ‘we’ the member musicians of IF or really it was more in general such as how do you as an artist view yourself, are you a composer or improvisor or the canvas or is there no difference, no reason for boundaries either way?

For me with a history in different ways of working musically I’ve felt that in the traditional sense early on I was a composer of music that was indeed noted out, written down and thought out. In recent years I’ve felt what I personally do has been more spontaneous, impulsive, emotive and to me, unclear whether that qualifies as ‘composition’. Ideas generated from the email thread were, does the process qualify whether you are a composer or not, as all musicians create/make-up connected sounds, pitches, notes what we would call melody or song but yet they may not be able to ‘write it down’ or read back what was written down for them. As a neighbor once called himself, a ‘hummer’ which I’ve also heard that said of Randy Newman. So in a sense I’m either a simpleton or answering my own question (grins), perhaps both. And as I think about this it can be taken another step to another time where musicians didn’t have the possibility to electronically capture their work, at those times as history reveals musical form was expressed in notation, tablature or even as simple as a number system akin to what some musicians in Nashville in modern times have used, the ‘Nashville number system‘.

Devils advocate to myself, goes to looking at my thoughts about improvisation and is that composition and yet when one looks back at a recording of Charlie Parker improvisation as was pointed out to me in the email exchange, or even an Appalachian fiddle tune, was it not composed even though it was an emotional response. With the secondary that’s a whole another thing with work that is passed down through generations by the older fellows playing the tunes that their fathers and grandfathers played for them and in turn they are doing for the next generation. Yes challenging my question, all this a paradox and the casual observer would say, er go all forms of music ‘composed’. Ah drivel and poppy dash….

Two Tone by Jim Goodin

Two Tone by Jim Goodin

Lee Noyes

JPK’s ‘Bleep Hertz’ Rendered for Percussion – Space and sparse organic emotives, drumbeats, enviorn beats from the continued exploring muse from Lee. Neat panning in the final percussive sounds. The Bleep Hertz series introduced a thread back by Lee and Jukka, is a sound/musical/tonal response by each artist from graphical scores.

Michael Mjollnir

Traffic Ahead – Waiting, tension, suburban flight, escape, driving out, thank goodness it’s not August. Our culture drawn from our rural world to the city to make the daily bread. Heading home at last. Nice ‘free’ guitar brings it all together near close.

Michael Peters… – Excellent orchestration Michael and glad you are contributing to the community for your second piece. Like the tightness of the horns. Is this all midi (guitar) by chance?

Brooklyn by Jim Goodin

Brooklyn by Jim Goodin

Shane W. Cadman

Piece100110 – Great tones really feeling the hammered dulcimer like sound shifting back/forth with the acoustic piano. Such a pretty spacious conversation.

Chris Vaisvil

Psaltry 001 – Lovely Chris and reminds me of a guitar piece of Micheal Hedges from Oracle CD, a bit of the Second Law.

Jérôme Poirier

Bleep Hertz – Featuring Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Jérôme Poirier (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Great rhythmic spontenanity in the voices Jérôme in your Jon Hendricks evolving vocal style improvising on graphical scores by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

One Year by Richard Lainhart

One Year by Richard Lainhart

Johnny & Faith

Welcome Home – Wow Johnny and Faith you guys are really in Johnny and Faith land population two, one but thank god for that. You bring a sense of never knowing what to expect as well as fun as well as not taking yourselves(?) too seriously or perhaps you do, thankfully. Like the narrative throughout this one.

J.C. Combs

Damn You – Warhol Meets Campbells Soup – Worth the price of admission this week J.C.! This one really excellent and almost the wonderful equivalent to ‘Joe You want Chocolate’. Love the whole dialog with the vendor(?).

Tom Izzo

Night Music – Radioactive. Neat sounds of an electronic journey kind of like in a swamp of electronics and yet highly organic. I sense the sounds and sights in the trees. Cool scape Tom.

Paul Muller

Braxton Dronkester – Featuring Roger Sundstrom, Adam Kondor X3 and Paul Muller (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Pensive and focused. Strings dancing like an artful dodger painting pointilistically in a Jackson Pollock kind of scene. Nice blend Paul between the ambiance and the orchestral contrast. Keep mashing sir.

Nicholas Brittain and Daughter

Nicholas Brittain and Daughter

Nicholas Brittain – 1st time participant

Drum Circle at the Red Lodge – Featuring Kavin Allenson and Nicholas Brittain (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Ah, Kavin brings recruits, excellent and welcome Nicholas. Very tribal erriy vibe here, like it! Has a real ‘we’ve landed’ feel. 

Bruce Hamilton

Kal (floor space) – Love this Bruce, the stellar strings and slight tonal mod going on I think. It does indeed feel like a noise floor or floor space or something floating from room to room.

Norbert Oldani

Piano Improvisation 9/28/2010 – Somewhere between George Winston in December and Bill Evans at Town Hall we’re getting to experience some really nice tones from Professor Oldani. Dig It Norbert, keep sharing this part of you.

Kavin Allenson

Alcohol Outlaws – What can I say, really takes me back to rural Arkansas on a Friday night here. Stock cars and lot’s of piss and vinegar going on. Excellent document Kavin over contrasting beats.

The Machine by Michael Mjollnir

The Machine by Michael Mjollnir

On stage: Kavin Allenson

On stage: Kavin Allenson

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström

Bleep Hertz – Featuring Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Hovering oscillations and sense of a vault, dryness in the air, nice subtleness into nothing on the end.

Steve Layton

Riverboat – On some level I was looking for the soul of Johnny Hartford in this piece and in a strange way I think I found him but in a much more modern sense. Steve gives us a very soulful flowing vibe down the Mississippi on a cool summer evening as the mist is rising and the June bugs are popping. I can’t think of a riverboat and the deep south I grew up in without thinking of Hartford who was such a musician immersed in times gone by.

Traffic Series by Jim Goodin
Traffic Series by Jim Goodin

Adam Kondor

Adam did a pile of work this week as he does every week, a very prolific guy amongst us at IF but in a sense tipping the hat to us all, we all are if I may be so bold and probably a bit self-righteous. In his volume were 7 pieces inspired by Anthony Braxton. One of them, F (from 7 Statements to Anthony Braxton) – Pensive, rhythmic, pulsing strings. This whole series a pulsing homage to Anthony. Good work Adam.

Arcus Temporum – Featuring Richard Lainhart, Paul Hertz, Steve Layton, Jérôme Poirier and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Lots of Stellarness and Lee Noyes influences going on here. Real patience and beauty in your mashes this week Adam. This patience factor in composition I notice in several here and myself can learn by that. Perhaps an article coming on that… Like Jerome’s rising ‘voice’ in this near end.

Descending – Featuring Bruce Hamilton and Adam Kondor (contributing artist/mixer/masher) – Absolutely beautiful! Barber and visions of ‘Adagio for Strings’ all over. Wonderful feeling and blend Adam.

Face in the Stone by Jim Goodin

Face in the Stone by Jim Goodin

Okay that’s a quick one this week for WhatsNewAtImProvFriday with a lot of different directions/thoughts. There was so much wonderful work produced by all the tremendously loyal artists who show up each weekend to bear their hearts and souls on the the virtual ground of IF. I in no way did justice this week nor intended to single out but I scatter shot grabbed what I could and spruced in a range of ideas this time. That all said please check out the complete archive of all work produced during the September 30 to October 2 IF thread.

ImprovFriday Radio Podcast

Well our podcast series which is just a wonderful 30-45ish minutes of thought-provoking and New Musically entertaining work is alive and well on at but we/I are behind in production with a new episode which when it arrives will be a wonderful interview with IF member artist Steve Moyes, I promise. In the meantime please check out Paul’s fine episode featuring the mix/mash work of IF member artists, Adam Kondor, Bruce Hamilton and J.C. Combs. You may also search out the ImprovFriday Radio podcast series in iTunes by searching, ‘ImprovFriday Radio’.

So I am off to California in a few days if the rains and what other things global warming may bring upon Brooklyn as I try to fly west on Friday for a real treat, the Y2KX International Live Looping Festival, held where all things ‘loop’ in Santa Cruz, CA (surrounding festival shows also in San Jose and San Francisco). This wonderful event culminating over the week/weekend of October 13 – 18 is the loveingly produced work of major live looping innovator, Rick Walker. In addition to enjoying 3 days of the festival this weekend, I’ll be appearing in performance Sunday, October 17th, at 5pm, with the World experimental acoustic guitar/cassette tape looping duo Chinapainting featuring Daryl Shawn and myself. Should you be in the northern California vacinity please check out the Y2KX International Live Looping Festival in performances October 13 – 18, in Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco, CA. Have a great week and Paul and I will see you next time for another WhatsNewAtImProvFriday blog!


Jim & in spirit, Mr Paul Muller

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller


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