A Weekend for Thought Provoking New Music and Live Concert Video Webcasts All On ImprovFriday!

Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride

ImprovFriday is an online experimental music community where each Thursday afternoon through Saturday night at 10:00 EST, 20-30 musical artists from around the world gather to celebrate their muse and music by publishing one to several pieces to the ImprovFriday site for public listening and further input by artists within the community.

Some of the highlights created over the weekend (Jan. 27 – 29, 2011) were Steve Layton’s mash (a remixing/layering/combining of two or more previously recorded works from the current thread) Mycenae (feat. Timo Tuhkanen, Norbert Oldani, Chris Vaisvil),
Timo Tuhkanen’s Clarinet Improvisation, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström’s Morgan Bass, Chris Vaisvil’s Hanson’s 11th Ransom, Bruce Hamilton’s Solin, Kavin Allenson’s major LARGE mash from last weekend featuring bits/pieces of everybody, IF012111, Benjamin Smith’s Ben.improv.Jan.23.2011, Ken Ficara’s In Between Airplanes (Part 1), the reunion gathering UsIt – Gaetano Fontanazza and Jeff Duke’s Industry, Norbert Oldani’sDay Dreaming PianoImpro., Paul H. Muller’s The Long Horizon, Richard Sanderson’s Mariana Crescent (January Patterns I), my [Jim Goodin] Hendrix cover And the Wind Cries (Mary), GéRald DeGRooTe’s Back From Anesthesia, James Ross’s Field, Steve Moshier’s Indecent Exposure, Ken Palmer’s Stasis, Paul Hertz’s Now is the winter of our disconcertion, Shane W. Cadman’s Piece 012811, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen’s Swiss dance, Johnny & Faith’s Marching To The News, Steve Moyes’s Returns Turn, Jeff Fairbanks’s Zo Qu, Jérôme Poirier’s mash [–,_] (feat. Roger “ErocNet” Sundström, Chris Vaisvil, Gérald DeGroote & Jérôme Poirier), and our wing commander and founder of ImprovFriday, J.C. Combs’s mash Its How It Looks (feat. Steve Moyes, Kavin Allenson).

This is just a sampling of the wonderful work created over the weekend. Come check out the complete thread of New Music at http://improvfriday.ning.com.

In addition to the recorded work ImprovFriday hosted two live video webcast concerts on Saturday (January 29, 2011), Rainer Straschill and Stephen Goodman. ImprovFriday will be hosting more live events in the coming weeks so do check the website for schedule updates and consider joining the ImprovFriday community and receive regular email notices.

A closing note, from all at the ImprovFriday community we want to acknowledge and express our sadness but tremendous thankfulness to the ‘life in music’ given by Milton Byron Babbit who passed away on Saturday, January 29, 2011, at the age of 94. Babbitt was particularly noted for his interest and work in serial and electronic composition. Babbitt became interested early on in the Second Viennese School of music composition led by Arnold Schoenberg. In 1958, Babbitt achieved unsought notoriety through an article in the popular magazine High Fidelity (Babbitt 1958). His title for the article, “The Composer as Specialist”, was changed, without his knowledge or consent, to “Who Cares if You Listen?” More than 30 years later, he commented that, because of that “offensively vulgar title”, he was “still … far more likely to be known as the author of ‘Who Cares if You Listen?’ than as the composer of music to which you may or may not care to listen” (Babbitt 1991, 17). For more on the life of Milton Babbitt visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_Babbitt.

Thank you for your interest in the WhatsNewAtImprovFriday blog and for checking out all the wonderful creative music being done at ImprovFriday.

Come open your ears….


Jim Goodin - WhatsNewAtImprovFriday.wordpress.com

Jim Goodin - WhatsNewAtImprovFriday.wordpress.com


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