Mr. Muller's Picks – from the ImprovFriday – a – Thon, June 16 – 18, 2011

Quick post to note a few ImprovFriday happenings for the weekend of June 16 – 18, 2011. First staff mate Paul [Muller] has been far more consistent than I in doing reviews each week. He utilizes software to randomly select tracks to review from each ImprovFriday event thread. Each weekend his process selects several of the contributions he will do reviews in e-print. Those will follow with links below.

A very special acknowledgement I want to mention, this weekend we had a support drive to raise funds for hosting fees for our ImprovFriday site for the next year. There was a great unanimity in member donations and ImprovFriday wishes to express sincere thanks for the collective response. We are indeed all of ‘like mind and heart’.

Now Muller’s Random Picks for June 17, 2011

Here are this week’s random picks – selected as usual by my trusty random number generator. A bit shortened this week – I’ve been traveling and have house guests!

This is what I heard:

Hassam Jefee – 1st time participant
First Trial 6-16-2011 – The first 20 seconds or so are silent, so give this a chance. Repetitive theme starts up with some accompanying percussion. Wow – some nice Oud playing there – Jim Goodin, call your office! Complex but not overwhelming – too short! Welcome to IF Hassam.

Jude Cowan
Summer Blue – Some nice ’50s sci-fi sounds here. Now vocals! Right on theme with some lovely soprano singing. The whirring sounds nicely follows the voice. Inventive story in the lyrics. Nicely done!

Richard Sanderson
Shade – Cool, airy sounds. A high-pitched squeal from time to time, like a subway stopping. Low humming that varies in intensity. A definite underground feel – like a train tube or tunnel. A sense of remote motion – something coming our way? Intriguing…

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
E2cEydr – Bleeps and a sort of rushing sound. A busy-ness apparent here. Almost sounds like an animal rummaging around – the image I get from this piece is surprisingly rural!

Joel Sutton
Distant Friend – Deep humming sound, now a tapping. Nice background theme emerges – synthetic voices I think. Now the deep humming becomes more distinct as harmony – time-stretched strings? – very effective.

Peter Thörn
Pitter Patter – At first this sounds a bit like a new version of the classic ‘Dog Dish’ piece from a week or so ago. Now I get it – a light summer rain beating down on a wash tub. Now the rain comes down faster – or maybe hail? As suddenly as it starts, it is over. The summer squall!

Steve Layton
10am in Summer (feat. Kavin Allenson, Bruce Hamilton & Steve Layton, Paul Muller) – Some happy guitar and a sort of warm undertone. Now violins on top. It is mid-morning on a summer’s day and the whole world is in front of you! Reminds me a bit of Crosby, Stills and Nash without the vocal harmony. Well-crafted and on-theme.

Bruce Hamilton
zinvitation – Light stringed sound – a mandolin? Crosby, Stills and Nash? A pleasantly percussive sound that is just getting started!

Kavin Allenson
iced tea and pernod – Voices – almost chanting, and laughing. Now whistling and whispering ‘summer’. Ah, I see now – iced tea. Very much on theme – could be druids celebrating the solstice. Nicely done.

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Hammer – Just what the title says! But with echo and reverb – like hammering on an open pipe or tube. A low background harmony underneath adds to the atmosphere. Like the sounds of an abandoned ship adrift at sea.

Benjamin Smith
Ben.improv.Jun.12.2011 – Something new! A kind of Brazilian/JP Kervinen sound here – electronic but with a dance beat – needs a whistle :). Becomes a sort of conversation towards the end – Very inventive.

Steve Moyes
Something Like Summer – Some slick electric guitar riffs that could have come from the Beach Boys – lots of echo. I see a wide expanse of empty sand by the sea in bright sunshine. Turns a bit mysterious at 3:40. Definitely fits the theme!

[Editor’s add in]The complete IF catalog for the weekend can be heard at ImprovFriday June 16 – 18 2011 Event.

Non-Random Thoughts [Paul continues…]

Thank you to everyone who responded with a pledge to our IF ning fee fundraiser. We should be able to cover 2012 with your donations.

Congratulations to sometime IF participant David Toub on the performance of his piece ‘dharmachakramudra‘ at the 5th Annual SoundOn Festival of Modern Music in La Jolla. Sequenza21 has the review.

Thanks to Steve Layton and Roger Sundström for using my piece in their mixes.

Congratulations to JC Combs, Lee Noyes, Peter Thorn and Steve Moyes [editor’s note, and DigItSignal] for announcing new CD collections as follows…

Confessions of a Deviant Machine featuring Lee Noyes and J.C. Combs.

Scrapes featuring Steve Moyes cello.

Up For Grabs featuring Anders Berg bass, Gunnar Backman guitars Peter Thörn saxophone, nyckelharpa, Anders Andersson drums and Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa fame) drums.

Cold Night Moonlight Wolf Cubs Stray DigItSignal featuring Peter Thörn saxophone, nyckelharpa, percussion, Jeff Duke guitar, electronics, Steve Moyes cello, guitar, zaphoon, percussion, Ray Istorico electronic drums and Jim Goodin violin, clarinet.

Hope to get to more pieces next week – see you then!


And for this edition of WhatsNewAtImprovFriday that’s the latest from the Internet New Music community ImprovFriday. Please remember our podcast series which can be heard/downloaded/subscribed to at If you are interested in New Music as either musician or music lover please visit our world at and consider joining us!

Have a great week,

Jim and Paul

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller


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