Into, In To, In Two… ImprovFriday

Audio Spectrograph of Chris Vaisvil's piece The Core of Lo

Audio Spectrograph of Chris Vaisvil’s piece The Core of Lo

I coordinated this weekend’s ImprovFriday music event and came up with an optional theme of ‘Into’ or ‘In To’ or ‘In Two’ and I think even ‘In Too’ which all related to I’m not sure what but loosely as in a departure or step. At the time of recording two pieces I did for the weekend event the phrase came to me and I thought it would be cool. Our goal in a theme on an ImprovFriday event is merely a suggestion to present if a participating artist chooses, a starting point or germ of a spark. As always going theme is optional.

So much introspectively beautiful work was made by member artists around the globe. Each weekend or pre-weekend beginning at @4pm PST on Thursday and running through Saturday at 6pm PST ImprovFriday hosts an open call recording session if you will challenging participating musical artists to create ideally around the actual event time, one or more work and post to the site under Creative Commons licensing.

As can often happen a singular work created by one person will be chosen to become part of another work often combining several to make what is dubbed, a ‘mash‘ or re-mix. When that happens it’s uncanny how amazingly the works will fit together almost as if they were recorded at the same time in same room and yet we are all thousands of miles away across the planet.

So come along and check out the work from the weekend at When you click on the top track on the playlist located mid-way down the page, an embedded site player will appear and play the whole list if you choose to and we hope you do. The event work is archived here for later listening should you see this blog post at some other future time. If you are a musician into creating work consider creating a profile and joining us each weekend.

Also please check out the YouTube video podcast series hosted by Paul H. Muller and myself [Jim Goodin], Words On New Music, reviewing and interviewing artists from ImprovFriday and beyond…



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