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New Voices and Buzzing Bees on this weekend's ImprovFriday Event, Marvelous!

Well it was a marvelous creative muse happening this weekend at ImprovFriday, where every weekend is a marvelous creative muse actually and it keeps getting better and better as we go as a community. I’ve been a member there now for the last year and few months and every weekend is just a treat. This weekend we were pleased to 2 new folks join with us and participate in the ImprovFriday thread event, Jude Cowan and T.H. aka Terry Horn. Welcome folks!

Few projects of note that have been produced by the ImprovFriday community in recent weeks are the first ever ImprovFriday Film Festival which was a huge success. Check out the video works from this event at theImprovFriday Film Festival I. With the horrific events that occurred in Japan ImprovFriday hosted a weekend long benefit event encouraging support of the relief work being done by the Red Cross. An online album to ongoing encourage support of the Red Cross effort for the Japanese people was released on BandCamp, For Japan.

I want to mention that ImprovFriday Radio podcast host Paul Muller has published a new episode review new work by several of the ImprovFriday family. Check it out on at ImprovFriday Radio.

Buds by Jim Goodin

Buds by Jim Goodin

Colour by Jim Goodin

Colour by Jim Goodin

The following is our track list of the weekend from the ImprovFriday front page, additionally I’ve posted a few review notes by ImprovFriday member artist Chris Vaisvil. Thanks Chris for giving us some of your thoughts.

Jude Cowan  – 1st time participant
post-tsunami mix – Very interesting composition and view point. Welcome!!

T H – 1st time participant
04222011 – Very interesting combination of textures – modernist metallic tones against what could be a double bass or cello pizzicato. Welcome!

Bruce Hamilton

Jim Goodin, Paul Muller
Jim’s 23d

Paul Muller
Prayer for Rosemarie

Shane W. Cadman

Jeff Fairbanks/Bruce Hamilton

Abysmal - Safe Package by J.C. Combs

Abysmal - Safe Package by J.C. Combs

J.C. Combs

Peter Thörn
Half a Story

Jeff Fairbanks
gf – beautiful insanity!

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
objects/piezo #1

Kavin Allenson
4X11 – Very much enjoyed – I am honored you thought I was an inspiration!

laizzez fair

Norbert Oldani
The Dada Strain – Excellent setting for a dramatically read poem!


Jeff Duke and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
twothirteen– Sounds like music one would find on Titan! I like the way complimented each other.




Kenneth Palmer
Layed Back

Isn’t That Spatial

Steve Moshier
Pyramids of Güímar

Veil of Orpheus

Veil of Orpheus

Steve Moyes
Ēostre 1

Ēostre 2

Ēostre 3

Jim Goodin
And though I Walk (peace for Mary)

In the Meadow (Part I)

In the Meadow (Part II)

Benjamin Smith 




Chris Vaisvil
Lost Realm of Gondolin

Broken Wings (absynth 5)

Broken Wings in Glass (Kontakt 4)

Groove 4 Shabat by Chris Vaisvil

Groove 4 Shabat by Chris Vaisvil

18 edo improvisation

17 edo improv

After Creation

Steve Layton
Inside the Prism – Nice mix of sci-fi ambience and crunchy crackly sounds!

Swim in it (feat. Peter Thörn, Steve Layton, Jeff Duke, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Benjamin Smith, Norbert Oldani)

The Rain(feat. Jude Cowan, Benjamin Smith, Chris Vaisvil, Bruce Hamilton, Jim Goodin)

Resurrection(feat. Paul Muller, Roger Sundström, Chris Vaisvil)

Ode to a Haggis (feat. Kavin Allenson, Roger Sundström x 2, Norbert Oldani, Jeff Fairbanks)

Fiddle, Zither, Piano(feat. Jim Goodin x 2, Steve Moyes x 3, Shane Cadman, Benjamin Smith)

Psychoholic (feat. Terry Horn, Roger Sundström, Steve Moshier x 2, Kavin Allenson)

Out the Door, off to discover America by Jim Goodin

(My Son) Out the Door, off to discover America by Jim Goodin

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Easter Strum

Easter Journey

Easter Tone


Sub Easter

(E)aster Guitar

Crane Song (feat. Jude Cowan, Benjamin Smith, J.C. Combs, Steve Moyes) – very suspenseful and dark. Nice work!

Bumblebees Spring Flight (feat. Chris Vaisvil, J.C. Combs, Jim Goodin)

Peace out…


Jim Goodin - Whats New at ImprovFriday -

Jim Goodin - Whats New at ImprovFriday -