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ImprovFriday 'Variations'

Welcome to another ‘Whats New At ImprovFriday’ blog entry. ImprovFriday is an online social music community where a number of our member artists gather each weekend and produce newly created musical works and publish to the world under Creative Commons license. Some weekend events are assigned a theme where each artist participating are encouraged to do something with the given theme but the choice is always left open. Other weekends are ‘anything goes’. Improvisation and spontaneous responses are encouraged. Often individual posted works are downloaded and combined with other works to produce a completely new piece, the process dubbed ‘mashing’.

This weekend’s suggested theme was ‘variations’. var·i·a·tion[s] (vâr-shn, vr-)
n. 1. a. The act, process, or result of varying. b. The state or fact of being varied. See Synonyms at difference. 2. The extent or degree to which something varies: a variation of ten pounds in weight. 3. Magnetic declination. 4. Something slightly different from another of the same type. 5. Biology
a. Marked difference or deviation from the normal or recognized form, function, or structure. b. An organism or plant exhibiting such difference or deviation. 6. Mathematics A function that relates the values of one variable to those of other variables. 7. Music a. A form that is an altered version of a given theme, diverging from it by melodic ornamentation and by changes in harmony, rhythm, or key. b. One of a series of forms based on a single theme. 8. A solo dance, especially one forming part of a larger work.

This weekend’s produced works…

Christina White – 1st time participant 

powderpuff variation

Norbert Oldani

Light Blue  (Seamless set of improvised variations via my living room piano and ZoomH4n recorder)

Steve Layton

Bare Branches

Bouncie Variations

Torrent (feat. Benjamin Smith, Richard Sanderson, Paul Muller, Steve Moshier, Steve Layton)

The Ballerina Machine (feat. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Norbert Oldani, Roger Sundström, Kavin Allenson)

The Little Things Matter (feat. Chris Vaisvil, Kawol Samarkand, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Bruce Hamilton)

Follow Your Bliss (feat. Jim Goodin, Paul Muller, Christine White)

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

rain check

constant overexposure  Improvisation for prepared balalaika, melodica, Sega Genesis, SMS, objects.

weird yogurt  Manipulated Nintendo DS/Korg DS-10 improvisation

Kavin Allenson

solipsism in 3 easy steps

Jesu variation

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström

Monotron Vari 01

Monotron Vari 02

Moon Fever (feat. Norbert Oldani, Steve Layton, Jim Goodin)

Moon Safari (feat. Christina White, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Steve Layton, Steve Moshier)

Benjamin Smith




Richard Sanderson @ Linear Obsessional Recordings

Mouse Magnet (improvisation for amplified melodeon)

Steve Moshier @

Reckless Heartthrob

Paul H. Muller – Ventura Contemporary Music

Drone for Church Organ

Powderpuff Monotron  (feat. Christine White, Ben Smith, Roger Sunstrom)

Jim Goodin @ Jim Goodin Bandcamp

Ten of Steel in Variation


Sargasso – Piece for Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Paul Hertz

The nones of March

Paul Hertz & Benjamin Smith (mix Steve Layton) 


Kawol Samarkand 

kawol at Yellow Vision, Tokyo – March 10, 2012 / #3

kawol at Yellow Vision, Tokyo – March 10, 2012

Kawol Samarkand (remastered by Steve Layton)

Town of Delusion

Chris Vaisvil @

Prime Dimensioned

11 edo synthesizer improvisation   details are here

Wouldn’t You Know It

Shane Cadman & Kavin Allenson (mix Steve Layton)

A hui kaua

Bruce Hamilton @


Shane W. Cadman @


Whats New at ImprovFriday is a WordPress blog managed by ImprovFriday member artist Jim Goodin. Your comments are welcomed and if you are interested in creating or presently creating interesting musical works with an experimental bent, come join the community

Composer/filmmaker Richard Lainhart was a member of ImprovFriday and a leading composer of electronic experimental music in our present times. Richard passed away on December 30, 2011. On March 4th of 2012 a memorial tribute was held in Brooklyn, NY, at Roulette Intermedium in his honor and memory. The event was streamed to the web and the archive is available for viewing here. Richard Lainhart Memorial Tribute. A copy of the program is also available here. Richard Lainhart Memorial Tribute Program – pdf.

Check out the podcast by Jim Goodin and Paul Muller interviewing musical artists through conversation.

See you next time…


A 'Look' about ImprovFriday

Photo by William Shannonhouse

Photography: William Shannonhouse

I’ve been remiss for several weeks, months in writing about the weekly goings on at ImprovFriday, a New Music community on the Ning social network that is going on it’s three or four something year in steady active recorded musical artistry being produced each and every weekend without fail. ImprovFriday which can be accessed at started as a hash tag on Twitter with initial energy of James Combs (aka J.C. and not the one in LA or Ohio 🙂 ) encouraging friends/fellow artists to produce a track of spontaneous music done on Friday. The idea evolved to a gathering of artists and then and I’m minimizing here, found a formal home on Ning which I joined about two years ago now through a friend/fellow artist from the Loopers-Delight community, Jeff Duke, maker of ‘other music’.

Each weekend as mentioned beginning just before the weekend, Thursday afternoon at 4pm PST and going through Saturday evening at 6pm PST, the ImprovFriday community holds a formal event ‘thread’ encouraging all interested to post new musical works ideally created within current time of the event under Creative Commons distribution, to the ImprovFriday site for world listening. The regularity of twenty-five to thirty artists from the community has gotten so tight and cohesive that the work produced though produced isolated, when heard together and many tracks get ‘mashed’ together, sound amazingly connected. In the last few months the work which has never been purposely curated or will be curated has evolved to occasionally be guided by a suggested ‘theme’ such as recent ones, politics, islands, fragile, voice and others. Then after a few weeks of ‘themed’ we will have our historical ‘free for all’ meaning anything goes which even on themed the option for anything goes is still there.

I referenced the term ‘mash’ earlier. Mash for the uninformed means in terms of music, sound, to take several audio works and layer them together in an audio mix and in turn they become a new compositional piece. Staff member Steve Layton often produces several amazing mash pieces in a given thread. One done this weekend that I really found moving was City of Glass Spires which featured works layered together of Chris Vaisvil, Kavin Allenson, Shane Cadman and Steve Moshier. This piece to my ears blended a sense of aural fantasies on Neptune’s waters with the Wizard of Oz glass slippers and it echoed the feeling of the whole weekend event.

Though the bulk of the work produced each weekend is aural occasionally a video piece is put together as in the case of one done this weekend by Kavin Allenson and photographer William Shannonhouse, celebrating the magical planet aligning recent date of November 11, 2011 or numerally spelled ‘111111’.

Benjamin Smith’s initial traditional acoustic piano piece indicative of the thought and development that often goes in to each artist’s work on ImprovFriday, starting with an idea and evolving often growing an entire journey of exploring.

And now an invitation to check out all the work produced this weekend (November 10 – 12, 2011) on ImprovFriday. Follow this link for one contiguous musical stream and join us regularly beginning each pre-weekend Thursday at 4pm PST.

Jim Goodin

Mr. Muller's Picks – from the ImprovFriday – a – Thon, June 16 – 18, 2011

Quick post to note a few ImprovFriday happenings for the weekend of June 16 – 18, 2011. First staff mate Paul [Muller] has been far more consistent than I in doing reviews each week. He utilizes software to randomly select tracks to review from each ImprovFriday event thread. Each weekend his process selects several of the contributions he will do reviews in e-print. Those will follow with links below.

A very special acknowledgement I want to mention, this weekend we had a support drive to raise funds for hosting fees for our ImprovFriday site for the next year. There was a great unanimity in member donations and ImprovFriday wishes to express sincere thanks for the collective response. We are indeed all of ‘like mind and heart’.

Now Muller’s Random Picks for June 17, 2011

Here are this week’s random picks – selected as usual by my trusty random number generator. A bit shortened this week – I’ve been traveling and have house guests!

This is what I heard:

Hassam Jefee – 1st time participant
First Trial 6-16-2011 – The first 20 seconds or so are silent, so give this a chance. Repetitive theme starts up with some accompanying percussion. Wow – some nice Oud playing there – Jim Goodin, call your office! Complex but not overwhelming – too short! Welcome to IF Hassam.

Jude Cowan
Summer Blue – Some nice ’50s sci-fi sounds here. Now vocals! Right on theme with some lovely soprano singing. The whirring sounds nicely follows the voice. Inventive story in the lyrics. Nicely done!

Richard Sanderson
Shade – Cool, airy sounds. A high-pitched squeal from time to time, like a subway stopping. Low humming that varies in intensity. A definite underground feel – like a train tube or tunnel. A sense of remote motion – something coming our way? Intriguing…

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
E2cEydr – Bleeps and a sort of rushing sound. A busy-ness apparent here. Almost sounds like an animal rummaging around – the image I get from this piece is surprisingly rural!

Joel Sutton
Distant Friend – Deep humming sound, now a tapping. Nice background theme emerges – synthetic voices I think. Now the deep humming becomes more distinct as harmony – time-stretched strings? – very effective.

Peter Thörn
Pitter Patter – At first this sounds a bit like a new version of the classic ‘Dog Dish’ piece from a week or so ago. Now I get it – a light summer rain beating down on a wash tub. Now the rain comes down faster – or maybe hail? As suddenly as it starts, it is over. The summer squall!

Steve Layton
10am in Summer (feat. Kavin Allenson, Bruce Hamilton & Steve Layton, Paul Muller) – Some happy guitar and a sort of warm undertone. Now violins on top. It is mid-morning on a summer’s day and the whole world is in front of you! Reminds me a bit of Crosby, Stills and Nash without the vocal harmony. Well-crafted and on-theme.

Bruce Hamilton
zinvitation – Light stringed sound – a mandolin? Crosby, Stills and Nash? A pleasantly percussive sound that is just getting started!

Kavin Allenson
iced tea and pernod – Voices – almost chanting, and laughing. Now whistling and whispering ‘summer’. Ah, I see now – iced tea. Very much on theme – could be druids celebrating the solstice. Nicely done.

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Hammer – Just what the title says! But with echo and reverb – like hammering on an open pipe or tube. A low background harmony underneath adds to the atmosphere. Like the sounds of an abandoned ship adrift at sea.

Benjamin Smith
Ben.improv.Jun.12.2011 – Something new! A kind of Brazilian/JP Kervinen sound here – electronic but with a dance beat – needs a whistle :). Becomes a sort of conversation towards the end – Very inventive.

Steve Moyes
Something Like Summer – Some slick electric guitar riffs that could have come from the Beach Boys – lots of echo. I see a wide expanse of empty sand by the sea in bright sunshine. Turns a bit mysterious at 3:40. Definitely fits the theme!

[Editor’s add in]The complete IF catalog for the weekend can be heard at ImprovFriday June 16 – 18 2011 Event.

Non-Random Thoughts [Paul continues…]

Thank you to everyone who responded with a pledge to our IF ning fee fundraiser. We should be able to cover 2012 with your donations.

Congratulations to sometime IF participant David Toub on the performance of his piece ‘dharmachakramudra‘ at the 5th Annual SoundOn Festival of Modern Music in La Jolla. Sequenza21 has the review.

Thanks to Steve Layton and Roger Sundström for using my piece in their mixes.

Congratulations to JC Combs, Lee Noyes, Peter Thorn and Steve Moyes [editor’s note, and DigItSignal] for announcing new CD collections as follows…

Confessions of a Deviant Machine featuring Lee Noyes and J.C. Combs.

Scrapes featuring Steve Moyes cello.

Up For Grabs featuring Anders Berg bass, Gunnar Backman guitars Peter Thörn saxophone, nyckelharpa, Anders Andersson drums and Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa fame) drums.

Cold Night Moonlight Wolf Cubs Stray DigItSignal featuring Peter Thörn saxophone, nyckelharpa, percussion, Jeff Duke guitar, electronics, Steve Moyes cello, guitar, zaphoon, percussion, Ray Istorico electronic drums and Jim Goodin violin, clarinet.

Hope to get to more pieces next week – see you then!


And for this edition of WhatsNewAtImprovFriday that’s the latest from the Internet New Music community ImprovFriday. Please remember our podcast series which can be heard/downloaded/subscribed to at If you are interested in New Music as either musician or music lover please visit our world at and consider joining us!

Have a great week,

Jim and Paul

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller

New Voices and Buzzing Bees on this weekend's ImprovFriday Event, Marvelous!

Well it was a marvelous creative muse happening this weekend at ImprovFriday, where every weekend is a marvelous creative muse actually and it keeps getting better and better as we go as a community. I’ve been a member there now for the last year and few months and every weekend is just a treat. This weekend we were pleased to 2 new folks join with us and participate in the ImprovFriday thread event, Jude Cowan and T.H. aka Terry Horn. Welcome folks!

Few projects of note that have been produced by the ImprovFriday community in recent weeks are the first ever ImprovFriday Film Festival which was a huge success. Check out the video works from this event at theImprovFriday Film Festival I. With the horrific events that occurred in Japan ImprovFriday hosted a weekend long benefit event encouraging support of the relief work being done by the Red Cross. An online album to ongoing encourage support of the Red Cross effort for the Japanese people was released on BandCamp, For Japan.

I want to mention that ImprovFriday Radio podcast host Paul Muller has published a new episode review new work by several of the ImprovFriday family. Check it out on at ImprovFriday Radio.

Buds by Jim Goodin

Buds by Jim Goodin

Colour by Jim Goodin

Colour by Jim Goodin

The following is our track list of the weekend from the ImprovFriday front page, additionally I’ve posted a few review notes by ImprovFriday member artist Chris Vaisvil. Thanks Chris for giving us some of your thoughts.

Jude Cowan  – 1st time participant
post-tsunami mix – Very interesting composition and view point. Welcome!!

T H – 1st time participant
04222011 – Very interesting combination of textures – modernist metallic tones against what could be a double bass or cello pizzicato. Welcome!

Bruce Hamilton

Jim Goodin, Paul Muller
Jim’s 23d

Paul Muller
Prayer for Rosemarie

Shane W. Cadman

Jeff Fairbanks/Bruce Hamilton

Abysmal - Safe Package by J.C. Combs

Abysmal - Safe Package by J.C. Combs

J.C. Combs

Peter Thörn
Half a Story

Jeff Fairbanks
gf – beautiful insanity!

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
objects/piezo #1

Kavin Allenson
4X11 – Very much enjoyed – I am honored you thought I was an inspiration!

laizzez fair

Norbert Oldani
The Dada Strain – Excellent setting for a dramatically read poem!


Jeff Duke and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
twothirteen– Sounds like music one would find on Titan! I like the way complimented each other.




Kenneth Palmer
Layed Back

Isn’t That Spatial

Steve Moshier
Pyramids of Güímar

Veil of Orpheus

Veil of Orpheus

Steve Moyes
Ēostre 1

Ēostre 2

Ēostre 3

Jim Goodin
And though I Walk (peace for Mary)

In the Meadow (Part I)

In the Meadow (Part II)

Benjamin Smith 




Chris Vaisvil
Lost Realm of Gondolin

Broken Wings (absynth 5)

Broken Wings in Glass (Kontakt 4)

Groove 4 Shabat by Chris Vaisvil

Groove 4 Shabat by Chris Vaisvil

18 edo improvisation

17 edo improv

After Creation

Steve Layton
Inside the Prism – Nice mix of sci-fi ambience and crunchy crackly sounds!

Swim in it (feat. Peter Thörn, Steve Layton, Jeff Duke, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Benjamin Smith, Norbert Oldani)

The Rain(feat. Jude Cowan, Benjamin Smith, Chris Vaisvil, Bruce Hamilton, Jim Goodin)

Resurrection(feat. Paul Muller, Roger Sundström, Chris Vaisvil)

Ode to a Haggis (feat. Kavin Allenson, Roger Sundström x 2, Norbert Oldani, Jeff Fairbanks)

Fiddle, Zither, Piano(feat. Jim Goodin x 2, Steve Moyes x 3, Shane Cadman, Benjamin Smith)

Psychoholic (feat. Terry Horn, Roger Sundström, Steve Moshier x 2, Kavin Allenson)

Out the Door, off to discover America by Jim Goodin

(My Son) Out the Door, off to discover America by Jim Goodin

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström
Easter Strum

Easter Journey

Easter Tone


Sub Easter

(E)aster Guitar

Crane Song (feat. Jude Cowan, Benjamin Smith, J.C. Combs, Steve Moyes) – very suspenseful and dark. Nice work!

Bumblebees Spring Flight (feat. Chris Vaisvil, J.C. Combs, Jim Goodin)

Peace out…


Jim Goodin - Whats New at ImprovFriday -

Jim Goodin - Whats New at ImprovFriday -

We're off and running with another ImprovFriday 'thread'!

'Stumbled Upon' image, discovered by Lee Noyes

'Stumbled Upon' image, discovered by Lee Noyes

Welcome back to a ‘sooner than planned’ at least beginnings of another edition of WhatsNewAtImprovFriday. This publishing to announce the opening hours of this weekends event thread, begun @4pm PST Thursday afternoon February 10, 2011. A few pieces have been posted that are leading into another weekend of stellar inspired music from the creatives who gather each beginning weekend around this time and form the inner core of the ImprovFriday community of artists.

The trax represented so far along with a few comments by me…

Bruce Hamilton


hoomz – …especially nice feeling. It has a subtle quirkiness that I’ve come to known in your pieces but a great sense of peacefulness in this one all around it, sort the ‘Tim Story’ thing I referenced in somebody (forgive my recollection right now) else’s work last weekend. Might be interesting to hear this piece and Paul’s spin on my piece mashed, Professor Steve maybe?

Kenneth Palmer

Pianoisms – A sporatic erratic scurry in this along with it’s ‘Saturday afternoon matinee’ ambience in the score.

Benjamin Smith

Ben.improv.Feb.7.2011.a – Ben the more I hear from you the more I hear bits of Monk going on in your playing and composing and improv all in a very modern way as this.

Chris Vaisvil

Some Time Alone – Chris there is a real ‘western swing’ weirdness in this that’s really cool among other influence. Like the later on improv that is kind of floating over a pedal tone. Good exploring of this ‘prepared’ approach.

Bowed Psaltry by Chris Vaisvil

Bowed Psaltry by Chris Vaisvil

Here is just the audio

drawn out misery

Norbert Oldani

PianoImpro of Two Motives – An opening heaviness and exploring in the spontaneous chord clusters in this both suggests visions to me of a music department head prof I had my freshman year as well as evolves to some really interesting lines with a great ending cluster, nice improv sir!

Akai Chorus – nice core feel in this. a limerick for a remix by Paul I think…

Kavin Allenson

Jimmy Page on a serious downer jag (feat. Angie Fights Crime-drums)


radio tubes – Really enjoyed all three of these Kavin, particularly the ‘Jimmy…’ like jam and Radio Tubes is brilliant!

Benjamin Smith


Paul Muller

Variations On Bird By Bird – Paul I’m honor’d how much you liked my piece and really like this sense of ambient minimalist melody going on in your orchestration/variations. Would be interesting to see your ‘scoring’ of this. Really loving floating piece in your own right.

Norbert Dreams (feat. Jim Goodin, Norbert Oldani)

Steve Moshier

Switchblade Eyes – Steve you get this whole spirits and ghost like things going on in your pieces that’s really neat. This one no less, thinking Jurasic Park all the way through this.

Drifting – Like the sun drifting over and down over PCH out to the Pacific…

Lee Noyes

Everything But Slowly The Opposite Of Music Is A Froth Of Stars – Tremendous title along with the ‘stumbled upon’ image posted on the blog here. Lee it is both like ‘froth’, things boiling and steaming, radio telescope sounds and a great sense of ‘you’!

Jérôme Poirier

Nianis ad Dusk – Of things buzzed and the stooges…

Noizeg as Totk

Noyred at Hert – Excellent exploring in directions of this nature. Reminds me of exercises my voice teacher is having me do for ‘opening up’. These are like a ‘curve’, buzzing, organic voice effects and vocalizations. Keep going j-man.

Richard Sanderson


Steve Moyes


Shane W. Cadman


Roger “ErocNet” Sundström

Involuntary Guitarist

Ebow Whale

Jeff Fairbanks

Ralf und Florian

Steve Layton

Urban Shaman (feat. Kavin Allenson, Benjamin Smith, Ken Palmer, Bruce Hamilton)

Aguirre (feat. Richard Sanderson, Lee Noyes, Roger Sundström, Jérôme Poirier x 3)

James Ross

Field II

Rescued and Defretted by Peter Thörn

Rescued and Defretted by Peter Thörn

Jim Goodin

Wayfaring Stranger

Peter Thörn

Bedroom Guitarist

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Bulk Finger

A ‘mash’ of James Ross, Peter Thörn, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström and Steve Moshier

Glass Menagerie – I often think about ‘mashes’ and admire those orchestrated by Steve, Paul, Roger, Adam and others, occasionally have done the large mass canvas but have not done as many selective. In sort of at a pause in generating of another of my own right now after listening to Peter’s rebirth I thought of James subtle ambience and immediately felt they should be mashed. Along the way Roger’s fit nicely and Steve’s Drifting as it did so well takes us out with the tide.

Steve Layton
[comments from Steve on these two films and scores… Not “officially” part of this week’s event, I wanted to make sure to share two videos I made this week… Both use early direct-to-film animations by Harry Smith (1923-1991), and with each I simply mashed them with a track from our 2010 sessions:]

– Really enjoyed both Steve. Good ideas and work and Harry’s images remind me as posted in a comment of a sense of antiquity as well as age of modernism. Maybe it’s stop motion effect not sure but couldn’t help but on seeing the imagery thinking of ‘Forbidden Planet’.

Excellent video and score by Glenn Weyant collective inspired by tucson mountain chaos featuring: viola, piano, bells, metal, clarinet, wood and instruments of original design.

So as the weekend ImprovFriday event moves on, come join us and open your ears! I’ll update this edition as the thread develops. Stay tuned!


Jim Goodin -

Jim Goodin -

eBow'd dulcimer, Perc ++ and Paul Is Back! – a World of ImprovFriday

Wow what a thread this past weekend (February 3 – 5, 2011) on the ImprovFriday music event! It’s called a ‘thread’ both in the traditional Internet forum sense whereby it’s continued discussions all connected and on the same bridge of thought/interest, and in the case of our community it’s tying a series of musical pieces all created in the 2 plus days together.

Tools of IF member, Richard Sanderson

Tools of IF member, Richard Sanderson

This blog was created initially to be a mini-review/commentary posting on the compositions made each weekend thread event but due to the incredible volume of material created (always a tremendous positive to the success of this community), it’s become difficult for me to cover everything and get it posted. Early on ImprovFriday member Paul Muller and I were doing the blog in tandem. Due to Paul’s commitments it drifted to me but I’m pleased to welcome Paul back for this edition with several comments drawn from the recent thread. Additionally I have posted a few this time and between us I’m pleased to say we’ve reviewed at least one work by each participating artist this time. As always links (blue font of each song title) to the MP3 audio file are provided for each work so you may listen or download.

Lee Noyes in Performance at Radio Cegeste - DPAG

A note from Paul in fact about how he selected pieces to review this weekend.

‘I’ve been wanting to get back to making some comments on the weekly pieces but we are producing so much good material it is difficult to do it comprehensively :=) So I’m trying random selections this week.

That’s right – I used a random number generator to create a table of random numbers 1 to 50. I then listened to the Saturday 2-5-11 front page IF list in that order (skipping duplications) for about an hour.’ [editor’s note: The selections reviewed by Paul are tagged as are mine.]

Hand Organ or Dulicmer and Violin

Hand Organ or Dulicmer and Violin

Chris Vaisvil

Bowed Hammer Duclimer With Slide and Some Vocal

ebowed, bowed, and hammmered hammer dulcimer

Various Hammer Dulcimer => titled “The Furnace Turns On – Sorry”

finger picked and slide used on hammer dulcimer – Love the lap dulcimer from my Mountain View days. Chris nice exploring in all these particularly this one that borders eastern world at times both the ‘Far’ and India with sounds of the sympathetic strings of the sitar and at times well taking me back to the square in Mountain View. – Jim.

(viola bow) Bowed Hammer Dulcimer

pathetic flute work

in harmonica’s way

Kid’s Garage Band in 17 Equal

Beauty of Embers

Disfunctional – Nice deep piano intro, now some rock guitar – percussion. A smoothly flowing piece – the piano line gets your attention and keeps things moving forward. Could be background for film or TV. Cool ending. – Paul.

Steve Layton

Weather in the Interior (feat. Lee Noyes, Adam Kondor, Ken Palmer, Timo Tuhkanen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Paul Muller, Steve Moshier)

It passed right through me (feat. Kavin Allenson, Gérald DeGroote, Chris Vaisvil, Jeff Fairbanks) – Love this title and mood Steve. Excellent mash that’s right in the vogue of Twilight Zone, It Came from Outer Space and Stephen King! Great crew in this one with Kavin and Chris’s organic and Gerald and Jeff’s playful colours. – Jim.

The indigo passage (feat. Roger Sundström x 2, Benjamin Smith, Timo Tuhkanen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Shane Cadman)

The indigo passage (feat. Roger Sundström x 2, Benjamin Smith, Timo Tuhkanen, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Shane Cadman)

Dissonance Royal Traveler (feat. Andy McCance, Jérôme Poirier, Barbara Guest)

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sunn (feat. Steve Moyes, Kavin Allenson, Johnny & Faith, Shane Cadman) – Drifting through a chasm of light in psychedelic display. – Jim.

The Dalek Strut (feat. Timo Tuhkanen, Benjamin Smith, Norbert Oldani)

Roger “ErocNet” Sundström

Brattling – Iceberg breaking and continental drift amidst. Sounds of steam and things breaking away. Feels a bit of a sleeping giant. – Jim.


Winter Ghost

Portrait of Lean North Ghost (feat. Jérôme Poirier, Steve Moyes, Richard Sanderson)

Subsistence (feat. Jeff Fairbanks, Johnny & Faith, Jérôme Poirier)

Kavin Allenson

What Do You See?

prehensile amoeba thumbtack – Well I gotta comment on this one just for the title Kavin. Heavy reverberant metallic electric here that sounds really cool, vintage and foreign at the same time. Cool scale throughout in the lines. – Jim.

Desobering Mexico (feat. Jim Goodin, Lee Noyes, Jerome Poirier, Richard Sanderson) – Well I have to comment on this one to at the least say thank you for responding to my work that was done now 4 years ago, I’m flattered. This was one of my first experiences with both fretless guitar and looping. Without sounding to ‘self-involved’ I like the organic contrasts brought to the mash with the spacial of Lee, Jerome and Richard. Really flattered you used ‘Mexico’ as a foundation. – Jim.

The Dalek Strut (feat. Timo Tuhkanen, Benjamin Smith, Norbert Oldani)

Benjamin Smith


Ben.improv.Jan.30.2011 – Sounds FM in tone Ben and like a captured giant creature weaving it’s neck in chaotic norm. A great groove in your lines nonetheless and your usual intensity that sings! – Jim.


Richard Sanderson

Solaced (Feat. Tuhkanen/Kervinen, Jeff Duke, Lee Noyes)

Holes In The Map – Tremendous subtleness in your work Richard and yet well connected tonality from space to space. Cool doploristic effect early on in the piece. I can see how your work, Lee and Jerome’s balances so well, I think of all three of you in this piece. – Jim.

Holes in the Nothing


AMR #1 (Lenin) – We are in a subterranean tunnel of some kind – a dull banging and movement in the background. A sort of motion is suggested by low tones and hums with a high pitch barely audible sneaking in and out – all of this produces a definite sense of tension. All of the sounds here are very delicate – never overpowering – yet subltly effective in building the mood. – Paul.

AMR #2 (Karl)

AMR #3 (Rosa)

Adam Kondor

Thurman&Vajda – Adam yey! You have returned to the fold. We have missed you and welcome home. You come up with the greatest commentary man, spoken word here and even what I can’t understand just flows. Nice ending with the bell as well. Don’t leave us. – Jim.

Double Duo – for Mel Powell

Rituel (feat. Ben Smith, Jeff Duke)


Doux Méandres – Paul Horn and memories of something I did a bunch of years ago when I first discovered ‘tape echo’ and with ‘tape’. Lovely echoing Gerald. Does remind me of those Paul Horn recordings in the Taj Mahal. – Jim.

North Bis   (feat. Richard Sanderson, Gérald DeGroote) – North Bis (feat. Richard Sanderson, Gerald DeGroote) – Low bass provides a solid foundation for a series of high, flashing sounds that weave in and out. Good use of edgy squeals and pitches here that contrast nicely with the bass line. Good to have Gerald back at IF! – Paul.

Pointblank II(featuring Steve Moshier & Gérald DeGroote)

Norbert Oldani

Dream On

Chorus for Women – Madrigal and nice and arranging Norbert. Though synth patch I assume almost real in the feel. – Jim.

Perc ++ – Highly stacatto percussion sounds with different pitches and speeds. Game-like at times. Interesting sounds but a bit short 🙂 – Paul.

Bruce Hamilton LIVE at Mini-Fest

Bruce Hamilton LIVE at Mini-Fest

Bruce Hamilton

hamp (feat. Paul Muller, Kenneth Palmer, Bruce Hamilton)

wobes (calling you) – Really fat patches Bruce that’s making me think of Keith Emerson and Pictures… at times in this. Like the concluding moments. – Jim.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


Subsistence (feat. Jeff Fairbanks, Johnny & Faith, Jérôme Poirier) – Wonderful mash Jukka! Like the angelic voicing going on with the emerging noise filtering mid-way and then the evolving to more mystical place, breaths against the almost carosel Cirque du Solei feel at end. – Jim.

Paul H. Muller

Long Key String – Just something very positive and whole in your pieces Paul. There’s some of the early Windham Hill days of Tim Story who I always thought was a very understated artist in Will’s early catalog and then there is more range of color than that. Your church and classical music love shine through and that’s true here. – Jim.

Ben & Ken (feat. Benjamin Smith, Ken Palmer)

Andrew McCance

IF – Staccato in the Pub

IF – Impatient – Andy beautiful piece and lovely touch. Sounds like you are of all the patience in the world really at least in the opening moments then it becomes a bit more edgee but that’s contrast and dig it! – Jim.

Ken Ficara

Moi – I’m now thinking what a cool mash it would have been between Gerald’s Paul Hornish piece previously noted and your piece here Ken, a thought for this next week. Tones really hang here. Wonder what all you have going on with your instruments? Delta feel in the later part, digging it! – Jim.

Enough About Moi – Good use of harmonica here (I wish we heard more harmonica). Produces an intriguing ambience. The texture builds interestingly with a series of overlapping trills. Like the recorder, the harmonica seems to be one of those over-looked instruments that can produce serious music in the right hands… – Paul.

Jeff Duke

Naive Prepared Piano – John C would have dug it Jeff. Got a feeling this is all software driven as you’ve been digging some new tools. Good space in here that could make Mr Noyes proud and speaking of… – Jim.

Lee Noyes & Radio Cegeste - DPAG

Lee Noyes & Radio Cegeste - DPAG

Lee Noyes

ProsocheAttention / mindfulness according to the Web and I would say very true here as the water flows from trickle to flowing to space to wading about. I remember a drainage ditch near my house where I grew up and I would go play there. In those days it wasn’t so polluted and it was really a concrete type of reservoir sort of a mini waterway canal like they have in LA. Anyhow reminds me of that as well as going down in to the storm cellar that we had but I digress. Distant musicality appearance of the wind instrument is welcome dimension, man Lee we need cameras here to see you at work. – Jim.

Jérôme Poirier

Portrait of Plastic and Wooden Pearls – Though seemingly acoustic sounds here I can also hear it as ‘noise filtering’ in to percussive patches. Nicely woven together as you ‘paint’ Jerome. Wooden Pearls wooden nickel, wonder… – Jim.

Shane W. Cadman

Piece020411 – Glasslike and angular, guitarlike in nature and maybe it is but thinking keyboard and patches. Regardless remniscent of earthy rock guitar and world colors at the same time. – Jim.

Andrew McCance & Mel Powell (mix. Adam Kondor)

Beginning of a Sonata

Richard Sanderson


Paul Hertz

The Climb Above Freezing – Nice evolution in this one Paul. Starts out your ethereal present halls of the church sound but compositionally and tonally moves through modern playful at times sounds. Nice airy ending high note. – Jim.

Steve Moyes

Lean – Low droning reminds one of a large animal or big machine – lovely pitches mixing down there! Now a series of high and mid-range pitches enter providing a bit of light. The sounds becomes richer at 3:30 – nice music here. More desolate now at 4:30… Interesting flute sounds at 5:40 – a kind of high chattering at 6:30. The low drones seem to shadow each change in the texture creating an ominous foundation throughout. Well crafted! – Paul.

Steve Moshier and Liguid Skin LIVE

Steve Moshier and Liguid Skin LIVE

Steve Moshier
55 Days in Peking – More full-on Moshier. Fills the senses with moving sounds and chords – Moshier always paints a vivid picture. I tried to mix something using this but this Steve’s work is generally so complete and self-contained I have yet to succeed. – Paul.

Kenneth Palmer

Egyptian Two Step – As JC has pointed out, something of a milestone work for our friend from St. Louis. Incorporating the sounds and events in Egypt this past week this piece reproduces the uneasiness we are all feeling as we watch the news. Along with Adam and others, the political dimension here lately makes for facinating listening. – Paul.

Jeff Fairbanks

zo vo – Great vocal treatment here set against a conventional background. Very cool sounds! Too short – more would have been better 🙂 – Paul.
Johnny & Faith

Strange Eon Drive One – Well crafted angelic opening that rises up like a spring from the ground, then drifts on to subtle demonic voices surfacing in the score and they drift out as the piece moves akin to a space probe in search of discovery. – Jim.

Jim Goodin

Bird by Bird Fly (Again


Timo Tuhkanen

still born – Wonderful rising tone mixed with beeps and burbles. We are on some sort of cosmic elevator, the floors are flying by… Now we are in orbit trying to call home with a dial-up modem. The pitch is descending now, we are coming back – a sort of lonely feeling here. The sudden ending makes the point… – Paul.

[editor’s note – further words from Paul captured from a blog posted on ImprovFriday.]

In Addition –

Thanks to Bruce Hamilton and Steve Layton for using my Long Key String in their mashups.

Good to have Adam back from the political barricades in Budapest. Nice to have Gerald back as well.

Hope JC is feeling better after his encounter with the bubble ball.

And a Few Favorites –

Everything I heard this week is of very high quality. And here are some that I thought were especially good. Keep in mind I am not listening to everything – and I have certain tastes – but these seemed to speak to me this week.

Jim Goodin – Bird by Bird Fly (Again) – A beautiful work – makes perfect use of the materials. Captures mid-winter exactly. A really fine piece!

Norbert Oldani – <a href="“>Dream On – Another in a series incorporating the spoken word (thanks Adam!). I thought the background here was perfectly chosen and the text poetic and meaningful.

Ben Smith – Improv Jan 31 2011.2 – Another great piano solo in that spare, almost European style we hear from Ben every so often. Cried out for a mix – so I did one 🙂 – Paul

ImprovFriday Radio

ImprovFriday Radio

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Jim and Paul

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller

ImprovFriday Radio - Jim Goodin & Paul Muller

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Along for the Ride

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Timo Tuhkanen’s Clarinet Improvisation, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström’s Morgan Bass, Chris Vaisvil’s Hanson’s 11th Ransom, Bruce Hamilton’s Solin, Kavin Allenson’s major LARGE mash from last weekend featuring bits/pieces of everybody, IF012111, Benjamin Smith’s Ben.improv.Jan.23.2011, Ken Ficara’s In Between Airplanes (Part 1), the reunion gathering UsIt – Gaetano Fontanazza and Jeff Duke’s Industry, Norbert Oldani’sDay Dreaming PianoImpro., Paul H. Muller’s The Long Horizon, Richard Sanderson’s Mariana Crescent (January Patterns I), my [Jim Goodin] Hendrix cover And the Wind Cries (Mary), GéRald DeGRooTe’s Back From Anesthesia, James Ross’s Field, Steve Moshier’s Indecent Exposure, Ken Palmer’s Stasis, Paul Hertz’s Now is the winter of our disconcertion, Shane W. Cadman’s Piece 012811, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen’s Swiss dance, Johnny & Faith’s Marching To The News, Steve Moyes’s Returns Turn, Jeff Fairbanks’s Zo Qu, Jérôme Poirier’s mash [–,_] (feat. Roger “ErocNet” Sundström, Chris Vaisvil, Gérald DeGroote & Jérôme Poirier), and our wing commander and founder of ImprovFriday, J.C. Combs’s mash Its How It Looks (feat. Steve Moyes, Kavin Allenson).

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Jim Goodin -

Jim Goodin -