We're off and running with another ImprovFriday 'thread'!

'Stumbled Upon' image, discovered by Lee Noyes

'Stumbled Upon' image, discovered by Lee Noyes

Welcome back to a ‘sooner than planned’ at least beginnings of another edition of WhatsNewAtImprovFriday. This publishing to announce the opening hours of this weekends event thread, begun @4pm PST Thursday afternoon February 10, 2011. A few pieces have been posted that are leading into another weekend of stellar inspired music from the creatives who gather each beginning weekend around this time and form the inner core of the ImprovFriday community of artists.

The trax represented so far along with a few comments by me…

Bruce Hamilton


hoomz – …especially nice feeling. It has a subtle quirkiness that I’ve come to known in your pieces but a great sense of peacefulness in this one all around it, sort the ‘Tim Story’ thing I referenced in somebody (forgive my recollection right now) else’s work last weekend. Might be interesting to hear this piece and Paul’s spin on my piece mashed, Professor Steve maybe?

Kenneth Palmer

Pianoisms – A sporatic erratic scurry in this along with it’s ‘Saturday afternoon matinee’ ambience in the score.

Benjamin Smith

Ben.improv.Feb.7.2011.a – Ben the more I hear from you the more I hear bits of Monk going on in your playing and composing and improv all in a very modern way as this.

Chris Vaisvil

Some Time Alone – Chris there is a real ‘western swing’ weirdness in this that’s really cool among other influence. Like the later on improv that is kind of floating over a pedal tone. Good exploring of this ‘prepared’ approach.

Bowed Psaltry by Chris Vaisvil

Bowed Psaltry by Chris Vaisvil

Here is just the audio

drawn out misery

Norbert Oldani

PianoImpro of Two Motives – An opening heaviness and exploring in the spontaneous chord clusters in this both suggests visions to me of a music department head prof I had my freshman year as well as evolves to some really interesting lines with a great ending cluster, nice improv sir!

Akai Chorus – nice core feel in this. a limerick for a remix by Paul I think…

Kavin Allenson

Jimmy Page on a serious downer jag (feat. Angie Fights Crime-drums)


radio tubes – Really enjoyed all three of these Kavin, particularly the ‘Jimmy…’ like jam and Radio Tubes is brilliant!

Benjamin Smith


Paul Muller

Variations On Bird By Bird – Paul I’m honor’d how much you liked my piece and really like this sense of ambient minimalist melody going on in your orchestration/variations. Would be interesting to see your ‘scoring’ of this. Really loving floating piece in your own right.

Norbert Dreams (feat. Jim Goodin, Norbert Oldani)

Steve Moshier

Switchblade Eyes – Steve you get this whole spirits and ghost like things going on in your pieces that’s really neat. This one no less, thinking Jurasic Park all the way through this.

Drifting – Like the sun drifting over and down over PCH out to the Pacific…

Lee Noyes

Everything But Slowly The Opposite Of Music Is A Froth Of Stars – Tremendous title along with the ‘stumbled upon’ image posted on the blog here. Lee it is both like ‘froth’, things boiling and steaming, radio telescope sounds and a great sense of ‘you’!

Jérôme Poirier

Nianis ad Dusk – Of things buzzed and the stooges…

Noizeg as Totk

Noyred at Hert – Excellent exploring in directions of this nature. Reminds me of exercises my voice teacher is having me do for ‘opening up’. These are like a ‘curve’, buzzing, organic voice effects and vocalizations. Keep going j-man.

Richard Sanderson


Steve Moyes


Shane W. Cadman


Roger “ErocNet” Sundström

Involuntary Guitarist

Ebow Whale

Jeff Fairbanks

Ralf und Florian

Steve Layton

Urban Shaman (feat. Kavin Allenson, Benjamin Smith, Ken Palmer, Bruce Hamilton)

Aguirre (feat. Richard Sanderson, Lee Noyes, Roger Sundström, Jérôme Poirier x 3)

James Ross

Field II

Rescued and Defretted by Peter Thörn

Rescued and Defretted by Peter Thörn

Jim Goodin

Wayfaring Stranger

Peter Thörn

Bedroom Guitarist

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Bulk Finger

A ‘mash’ of James Ross, Peter Thörn, Roger “ErocNet” Sundström and Steve Moshier

Glass Menagerie – I often think about ‘mashes’ and admire those orchestrated by Steve, Paul, Roger, Adam and others, occasionally have done the large mass canvas but have not done as many selective. In sort of at a pause in generating of another of my own right now after listening to Peter’s rebirth I thought of James subtle ambience and immediately felt they should be mashed. Along the way Roger’s fit nicely and Steve’s Drifting as it did so well takes us out with the tide.

Steve Layton
[comments from Steve on these two films and scores… Not “officially” part of this week’s event, I wanted to make sure to share two videos I made this week… Both use early direct-to-film animations by Harry Smith (1923-1991), and with each I simply mashed them with a track from our 2010 sessions:]

– Really enjoyed both Steve. Good ideas and work and Harry’s images remind me as posted in a comment of a sense of antiquity as well as age of modernism. Maybe it’s stop motion effect not sure but couldn’t help but on seeing the imagery thinking of ‘Forbidden Planet’.

Excellent video and score by Glenn Weyant collective inspired by tucson mountain chaos featuring: viola, piano, bells, metal, clarinet, wood and instruments of original design.

So as the weekend ImprovFriday event moves on, come join us and open your ears! I’ll update this edition as the thread develops. Stay tuned!


Jim Goodin - WhatsNewAtImprovFriday.wordpress.com

Jim Goodin - WhatsNewAtImprovFriday.wordpress.com


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